U of S psychology students win national competition

Applied social psychology students at the University of Saskatchewan enjoy a unique opportunity in both masters and doctoral programs, which allows them to participate in the annual Student Evaluation Case Competition.

The everyday struggles of a U of S student

Being a university student is hard and can take a lot out of you. To top it off, sometimes it feels like the University of Saskatchewan is doing everything it can to make things even more difficult.

Student parking needs polish

Parking at the University of Saskatchewan is more of a hassle for students than it should be. To fix this, the U of S needs a student parking program that is better managed and more accessible.

The University of Saskatchewan’s approach to safety

After laying off many university staff members, the U of S will be filling many of those fired workers’ positions with Aboriginal staff to increase the Aboriginal workforce representation - a move that some fear will cause a negative public backlash towards Aboriginal people.