The University of Saskatchewan’s approach to safety

After laying off many university staff members, the U of S will be filling many of those fired workers’ positions with Aboriginal staff to increase the Aboriginal workforce representation - a move that some fear will cause a negative public backlash towards Aboriginal people.

Admin: no commitment to childcare expansion

Following the announcement that the University of Saskatchewan would be re-examining all of its options for childcare expansion, Vice-President Finance and Resources Greg Fowler said they had never made a commitment to a proposed daycare facility next to Souris Hall.
Artist Buffy Sainte-Marie and U of S President Ilene Busch-Vishniac sign a memorandum of understanding to develop Aboriginal culture in Saskatchewan’s education system.

Enhancing education in Saskatchewan

A partnership between the University of Saskatchewan and singer Buffy Sainte-Marie’s Cradleboard Project has formed to develop resources which represent Aboriginal culture in Saskatchewan’s education system.
Katherine Ball and Francesca Sampieri 
working at the Canadian Light Source.

U of S team researches UTI treatments

A research team at the University of Saskatchewan took on finding an alternative treatment method for the nearly antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections that affect both humans and animals.

U of S music program offers diversity for students

The University of Saskatchewan music program is one of the most active groups on campus. With its many concerts, student organizations and events, the program offers a much needed dose of culture for slow campus days.