2013 was a year to celebrate gaming

Despite the year’s setbacks, 2013 was largely a good year for games, especially with grand budgets, greater capabilities and more opportunities for experimentation.

Season Two of zombie epic The Walking Dead is still tense, visceral entertainment

The Center for Disease Control is gone, hope is elusive and zombies are still everywhere. AMC’s zombie hit The Walking Dead returned on Oct. 16 to an ecstatic 7.3 million viewers and Season Two starts just where Season One left off. The band of survivors headed by Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is still there, although their numbers are thinned out from the final episodes of last season, hoping against hope that things can get better and they find some vestige of safety.

The rise of The Walking Dead: recapping the first season of AMC’s zombie epic

To my surprise, most people I talk to haven’t heard of The Walking Dead. Even worse, when I explain that it’s a post-apocalyptic zombie show, most people get turned off and are not interested in anything else I have to say. The Walking Dead is about so much more than just zombies. It is a show about a family, nearly torn apart by unforeseen events and forced to protect themselves against the (in)human monsters of the night after civilization has collapsed.

AMC Makes a Killing

AMC has done it again. The basic cable network known for the hit dramas Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead has again worked its magic with the new murder mystery series The Killing.