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Digging into Terraria unearths a hidden gem

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In the beginning, I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing in Terraria. There is no tutorial ”” instead the developers plopped my 2D self onto the surface of the world and left me to fend for myself. And then the zombie came.

Turning our backs on the final frontier

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The year is 2011. By now, we should have flying DeLoreans and alien overlords. In reality, 2011 only offers the same crap we saw last decade. What’s worse, 2011 marks the end of NASA’s manned space shuttle program.

Smartphones kill the conversation

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people looking at their smartphones at a party

Blame Steve Jobs. Since the iPhone and other smartphones became popular enough that every other person has one in his or her pocket, conversations everywhere have suffered.

SaskTel to carry iPhone 4 starting April 26

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After a long wait, the iPhone 4 is finally coming to SaskTel. The Crown corporation announced yesterday that it will start offering the popular Apple phone on April 26.

Built to break: planned obsolescence in technology

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The next time your phone’s faceplate gets cracked, or your four-year-old laptop battery loses its charge in 15 minutes, you might want to stop and consider that it may have been designed to do that.

Bart Records owner Kevin Stebner sets the record straight on cassette tapes and punk rock

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In an era that celebrates the ease of portable music and threatens to leave all physical mediums behind, a growing protest has risen from the prairies with the existence of Bart Records ”” a record label exclusively dedicated to the cassette tape medium.

Tech company helps commercialize ideas from universities

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“We provide university inventors everything they need to commercialize their ideas,” said TandemLaunch CEO Helge Seetzen.

Free software makes hacking the U of S Wi-Fi network easy

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Many students at the University of Saskatchewan are unable to access the university’s secure wireless network, leaving them vulnerable to identify theft.

Procrastinate better with StumbleUpon

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If you are like me and are absolute shit at navigating the Internet and can’t figure out how your pals are finding all this wicked cool stuff on the web, you have to try StumbleUpon.

Google and Verizon proposal threatens the open Internet

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They give us free Internet services that we can hardly do without. They champion for a free and open Internet. They make great products and give consumers an alternative to Apple or Microsoft. Sometimes it seems Google can do no wrong. Until now.

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