Sugar daddies baby U of S students

Tuition costs are only going to increase in the coming years at the University of Saskatchewan, so it’s no surprise that students are finding alternative ways to acquire cash without going into debt.

The grad school journey: professors and students offer insight into taking the big jump at the end of your degree

The light at the end of the tunnel appears for many undergraduate students in their fourth year of study. As the month of April approaches, graduating students dream of donning gowns and tossing caps in the air in before heading off into the proverbial “real world.” For others, receiving an undergraduate degree is just the tip of the iceberg. How do professors and students — those working toward obtaining a graduate degree and those in the midst of the application process — perceive the jump to grad school?

Ontario Conservatives seek to cut $30 million in international student funding

Funding for a program implemented to draw international PhD students to Ontario would be cut under a Progressive Conservative Ontario government, according to party leader Tim Hudak, who recently announced that the money designated for international student scholarships would be diverted to middle-class Ontario families.