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What has social media turned us into?

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Social media has become a big part of our identity — most of us can’t live a day without it — and it’s easy to see that it affects us in both positive and negative ways.

Travel for yourself, not for social media

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Are you in the moment or just bragging about it?

Get connected to your future career

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In an era where who you know determines where you’ll go, it becomes necessary to pull out all the stops and use all the tools possible to procure the job you need.

Slacktivism may do more harm than good

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Worldwide, we’d be wise to start actively participating in causes that we support as opposed to halfheartedly showing our support over social media.

Nohomophobes: website goes viral exposing jarring casual homophobia

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he word “faggot” has been tweeted nearly three million times since July 5. A new website from the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services called tracks the tweets of people using the phrases “faggot,” “no homo,” “so gay” and “dyke” — all of which are tweeted well over 1,000 times a day.

Drunk drivers use social media to evade police checkstops

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When police services in Canada conducted their annual public crackdown on drunk drivers over the recent holidays, many social media users shared checkstop locations and blew police cover.

Ontario’s Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere, or RIDE, program was regularly sabotaged. Many Twitter users announced checkstop locations throughout late December using the hashtags #RIDE and #checkstop, which triggered an online shitstorm between those tweeting locations, concerned citizens and members of the police.

Facebook friends you might want to avoid

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The Promoter, The Proud Parent, The Aspiring Model – these are just a few of the dubious Facebook pals that you might want to keep a lookout for.

Social media techniques job-seekers need to know

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Social Media

We all know someone whose Facebook profile picture is of them overindulging at last Friday’s party and who, despite a solid resume, can’t seem to get hired. But what about people who used their social media accounts intelligently and strategically to land the jobs of their dreams?

Procrastinate better with StumbleUpon

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If you are like me and are absolute shit at navigating the Internet and can’t figure out how your pals are finding all this wicked cool stuff on the web, you have to try StumbleUpon.

Harper’s Marijuana Action Plan

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On Tuesday, March 16, Stephen Harper sat down to a Canadian political first ”” a Prime Ministerial YouTube interview. Nearly 200,000 votes were cast for thousands of questions.

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