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Slacktivism may do more harm than good

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Worldwide, we’d be wise to start actively participating in causes that we support as opposed to halfheartedly showing our support over social media.

From pink ribbons to moustaches, using symbols to sell cancer

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It’s the most wonderful time of year. And no, it’s not Christmas. It’s Movember! On the 1st of November, messages all over the internet, including from peers, encouraged men to shave one last time before growing out their moustaches with the intent of raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer.

Real vs. fake environmentalism: we’re too quick to label things eco-friendly

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I truly care about saving the planet. But like most people, I don’t like listening to environmentalists. They tend to sound hostile towards humanity. Deep down, some probably want to say we’re all murderers, killing Mother Earth by living in a highly-industrialized world.

They may be right. But it’s a closed issue that the Earth is screwed and our fossil-fuel age is largely to blame. Even people who don’t give a shit understand we can’t pollute the Earth so much if we wish to preserve it for the younglings.

Stop Kony 2012 and start apologizing to Ugandans

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In the frantic race to be the first to re-post, tweet or share the meme du jour, the troubling subtext to the Kony 2012 campaign seemed lost in a misguided cloud of excitement. While the intentions of the nearly countless people who leaped at the opportunity to support Invisible Children’s mission are noble, good intentions do not make an act just. And if we are willing to contribute financially to a global manhunt that could easily result in an unforeseeable number of deaths, then I think we owe it to ourselves — not to mention the everyday Ugandans who would be most affected by such a campaign — to take a moment to analyze the campaign and its motives.

Activism means more than broadcasting your bra colour

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At this point, most female Facebook users have gotten a message from a fellow woman urging her friends to “keep men guessing” and to help spread breast cancer awareness through cutesy games involving status mash-ups of their birthdays, where they put their purse and the colour of their bra.

But one cannot spread awareness through a message that is intentionally cryptic. These silly games just prove that few people understand what awareness actually means.

Even more Facebook friends to avoid

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Duck Face Girl, The Relentless Updater, Two-Weeks-Late Internet Meme Guy and others: round two of our list of Facebook friends you’ll most likely want to avoid.

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