New Swedish rating system challenges sexism in films

Art-house cinemas across Sweden are breaking moulds and challenging the typical film rating standards by implementing a system that determines whether a film is considered sexist or not and, unfortunately, not many of our beloved Hollywood blockbusters are passing the test.

G is for Get rid of rape culture

While the sexist chant at Saint Mary's University was criticized and publicized negatively, the culture that perpetuates those ideas continues to thrive.

Sexism in disguys

One blustery day last year, my boyfriend and I whipped into a restaurant for lunch. The host greeted us with an enthusiastic “Hi ladies!” but when she realized that Brian was not, in fact, a “lady,” she sputtered a red-faced apology. Sadly, if she had said “Hi guys!” instead, she wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Few people do

What’s so wrong about the Lingerie Football League? It objectifies women, but the athletes know what they’re doing

It was announced earlier this week that Saskatoon and Regina will be the homes of Lingerie Football League franchises in the coming year. This sport, in which (beautiful) female athletes dress in lingerie and play a modified form of NFL football, has been called demeaning to women, misogynistic and a poor representation of women’s athletics on many media comment boards since the teams were announced a few days ago.