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FROM the VAULT: Big Star

In 1972, the group gave their first effort the ambitious title of #1 Record. It fully showcased the band's influences as well as the blossoming songwriting of both Bell and Chilton. “Thirteen” and “In the Street” were to become favourites but, despite the album's apparent hit power, it failed to make an impact.


REVIEW: Spiral Beach

The Toronto-based group Spiral Beach is an acid trip with instruments. The band's sound, if it ca be described at all, is a collaboration of indie rock and punk.

REVIEW: Pour Habit

No longer will Compton, Calif., be known for habitual crack epidemics, gang turf warfare and drive-by shootings. Pour Habit are about to become huge in punk rock.

Left of Zero blames the gun

The music contained Left of Zero's latest album is uniformly beautiful, accessible and lush. Three tracks long, it creates an appropriate introduction piece for new listeners to the Toronto band.

Freaks and Geeks: a cult sensation

High school is one of the most trying milestones in a person's life. Throw a few hundred adolescents into one building and you have a prime example of survival of the fittest. No television show depicts this hellish milestone quite as accurately as Freaks and Geeks, the short-lived NBC series produced by Judd Apatow.

REVIEW: Bandwagonesque

Teenage Fanclub is actually still a band, which makes it a little weird (perhaps unkind?) writing about them in a section called “From the Vault.” They're even still writing the straightforward power-pop numbers for which they were momentarily famous. Although they have released some electrifying hits since, they have never made an album as powerful,

REVIEW: The Belgariad series

The goal for my summer reading was to read as few academic texts from June until August as possible. I accomplished that by reading David Eddings's first cycle. I had just started Pawn of Prophecy when news reached me that David Eddings had passed away.

Five popular franchises walk into a bar

As the summer of 2009 draws to a close, it leaves behind a memorable movie season filled with financial successes and critical failures. Though interspersed with gems like Up and District 9, the summer was dominated by big action blockbusters: X Men Origins: Wolverine, Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Terminator Salvation and G.I.

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