Nuclear medicine research makes headway

On Oct. 30, the University of Saskatchewan and University of Regina were jointly awarded a $5-million grant to increase the province’s capacity for nuclear medicine and imaging research.

U of S team researches UTI treatments

A research team at the University of Saskatchewan took on finding an alternative treatment method for the nearly antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections that affect both humans and animals.

Smoke clears on marijuana genome: scientists lay groundwork for future cannabis research

A University of Saskatchewan scientist has helped map the genetic blueprint of marijuana, potentially leading to improved research and expanded use of the Cannabis sativa plant. Scientist's believe their findings, made available to researchers worldwide on Oct. 20, can act as a foundation in developing new strains of medical marijuana, as well as strengthen certain traits in hemp.

BRIEF: Canadians like the Internet

The Canadian Media Research Consortium has released a new study that shows Canadians value their Internet connections over other media.

Smartphone text harder to comprehend: study

Reading comprehension from a smartphone screen is as low as half of that when reading from a standard desktop monitor, according to a recent study by a University of Alberta research team.