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Rap puts South Chicago on the map, at a cost

Regional styles have played an important role in the development of rap music in the United States. The traditional players have been the east coast, west coast and the south, but Chicago’s “drill” scene is the latest emerging hotspot.

Misogyny and the music scene

There are many artists today producing music that respects women, doesn’t use us as tools to sell records, and conveys a message that women should be treated as equals. However, often the most supported and popular artists are not.

2011 was a year of innovation in the rap community

Looking back at 2011, it was generally a strong year for new music, but most of all it marked a time when rap was brought back to from the brink of self-destruction. Looking at the best-selling acts of the last few years, you might say that rap never went anywhere, but although rap has been around

Music videos return to MuchMusic

When you can stream online to your heart's content, there is no more need to wait. But while you don't need VJs to make a YouTube playlist, they're certainly helpful in exposing you to something new.

Jay-Z explains his lyrics in ‘Decoded’

Rare is the person who hasn't, by now, at least heard of Jay-Z, let alone downloaded a song or two to bump from their speaker system of choice, be it auto or iPod, when in need of a good aural pick-me-up.

Cadence Weapon wants to spoof Lil Wayne

The Sheaf caught up with Cadence Weapon at the Alberta House in Vancouver during the winter Olympics, where he talked about how he went from journalism to rap, his desire to parody rappers like Lil Wayne and what sort of music he is working on currently.

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