Trudeau becomes new face of senate reform

On Jan. 29, 2014 Canadian politics took a sudden shift as federal Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau announced that he would be expelling all Liberal senators from his caucus.

Keep politics out of the Olympics

Political controversies are taking over the Olympics, which is unfortunate when this shouldn’t ever be the case. Athletic performances should be the focus, not a country’s politics.

The Olympic games: politics and controversy

The controversies surrounding the upcoming games in Sochi, Russia are just the newest in a long saga of unrest accompanying what is meant to be the greatest exhibit of athleticism in the world.

The political economy of consumerism in Sask

In recent years, there has been an influx in the number of locally-owned businesses opening up in Saskatchewan. Although bigger retailers such as Marshalls and Target are opening up stores, some believe that the culture of shopping is changing overall.

The true dope on Trudeau

Justin Trudeau recently revealed that he has smoked marijuana since becoming an MP in 2008, when his party guest offered him a “puff” of a joint.

Let my Johnson in! And other puns concerning third-party presidential candidates

On Oct. 3 the first of three presidential debates in the 2012 American election cycle aired internationally, and what a spectacle it was. Anyone watching could see how diametrically opposed the two candidates are, how vast and substantive the differences between them. For instance: the Democrat wore a blue tie and the Republican wore red.

Saskatchewan MP condemns U of R students’ boycott against Israel: URSU AGM passed motion to initiate boycott, divestment and sanction campaign last month

What started as a motion passed by students at the University of Regina Students’ Union annual general meeting last month has become a contentious issue both on campus and off, following recent comments in the House of Commons from one of Saskatchewan’s members of Parliament. During this year’s AGM, U of R student John Keitel took the floor and asked for a motion to be forwarded by the student’s union that would support the rights of Palestinian people and initiate a boycott, divestment and sanction (BDS) campaign against the state of Israel. The motion was then passed with a near-unanimous majority.

Capitalism cannot “fix” First Nations’ relationship with Canadian government

While there has long been a “moral imperative” argument to renew indigenous-Canada relations, the idea that there is an economic imperative to “fix” this relationship is a relatively new one, emerging after a series of Canadian court cases in the 1990s obligated government and industry to consult indigenous communities before extracting resources from their territories.

Canada’s next prime minister? Speaking with candidates for the leadership of the NDP

In the wake of Jack Layton’s tragic death, there has been a tangible vacuum of power in the NDP. Now, as the race for the leadership of the Official Opposition heats up, the candidates are striving to showcase why and how they will be able to bring Layton’s singular passion back to the party. The Sheaf spoke to the five candidates who came to Saskatoon for a Feb. 7 debate.