What’s the future of print news?

The world of news media is evolving across the board. Whether through television, radio, newspapers or the internet the public is beginning to access and produce the news in alternate ways, piloting the industry toward a new era.

U of S updates wireless security, removes unprotected network

The University of Saskatchewan's campus-wide wireless Internet service is a little safer after the removal of one network. “Because the wireless network named ”˜uofs' was not secure, this network is no longer accessible,” a recent university memo said.

BRIEF: Wikipedia needs your edits

Wikimedia Canada is offering $1,000 to post-secondary students willing to edit Wikipedia articles. The scholarship will be awarded for the greatest improvement to a disease-related article on the free online encyclopedia.

Ontario Conservatives seek to cut $30 million in international student funding

Funding for a program implemented to draw international PhD students to Ontario would be cut under a Progressive Conservative Ontario government, according to party leader Tim Hudak, who recently announced that the money designated for international student scholarships would be diverted to middle-class Ontario families.

U of S competes for international students

International students pay, on average, about three times the tuition that Canadian citizens pay and represent a huge source of revenue for Canadian universities, but successfully recruiting them can be a challenge.

Meet your USSU Executive

A new school year means a brand new USSU Executive. The Sheaf sat down with all four members of this year's Executive, to bring you a preview of what you can expect from them during the next year.

University operating illegal parking lottery

For years, the student parking lottery run by the University of Saskatchewan has been against the law. The lottery, which the U of S has been operating online since 2005, has never been authorized by the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority.

All your LB5Q questions answered

With the beginning of September, students must prepare for school and the requisite back-to-school festivities. But at the Edwards Business Students' Society, preparations have long been underway for the University of Saskatchewan's largest fall celebration, known colloquially as “LB5Q.” What is LB5Q you ask? We've got all the details.

Elected U of S senators take on Board chair

A small group of University of Saskatchewan senators are troubled by the growing influence of corporations on campus and want the chair of the Board of Governors to resign.