Thomas Mulcair talks youth, post-secondary education

Federal New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair visited the University of Regina last week to discuss youth in politics. Before his speech, the U of R’s student newspaper, the Carillon, had a chance to speak with him about his thoughts on the government’s role in post-secondary funding and the effect young people can have on the political landscape.

Thomas Mulcair voted into NDP leadership

Thomas Mulcair has been voted into the position of leader for the federal New Democratic Party. Members of the party voted over the course of a two-day convention in downtown Toronto, March 23–24. The winner emerged from an initial seven candidates that were cut down over the two days.

Canada’s next prime minister? Speaking with candidates for the leadership of the NDP

In the wake of Jack Layton’s tragic death, there has been a tangible vacuum of power in the NDP. Now, as the race for the leadership of the Official Opposition heats up, the candidates are striving to showcase why and how they will be able to bring Layton’s singular passion back to the party. The Sheaf spoke to the five candidates who came to Saskatoon for a Feb. 7 debate.

Student candidates balance classes, homework and door-knocking

About a dozen university students are balancing their studies with the demands of being candidates in the provincial election. The NDP has five student candidates, the Greens have four and the Sask. Party has one. Alex Mortensen, a University of Regina student running for the NDP in Cypress Hills, says the key is organization.

Meet the candidates for Saskatoon Sutherland

To prepare for the upcoming Nov. 7 provincial election, the Sheaf interviewed the four official candidates for the Saskatoon Sutherland riding. The constituency encompasses the University of Saskatchewan and the neighbourhoods of Varsity View, Greystone Heights, Grosvenor Park, College Park, College Park East and Sutherland.

NDP promise to bring back the tuition freeze if elected

A plan to help students through postsecondary spending is featured in the platforms of both major parties in the Nov. 7 provincial election. Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have introduced the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship and the Saskatchewan Advance Grant for Education Savings. On the other hand, if elected, Dwain Lingenfelter and the NDP have said they will bring back a fully-funded tuition freeze for Saskatchewan universities and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.

BRIEF: NDP student candidates off to a rocky start

Catlin Hogan, a University of Saskatchewan student running in Martensville, is at home resting after his release from the hospital. The political studies student was in a car accident Oct. 12, resulting in a leg injury. Meanwhile, the campaign office of Aaron Ens, a University of Regina student running in Swift Current, was vandalized Oct. 14 when a tire iron was thrown through the window. Ens was not in the building at the time.
Thomas Mulcair

Mulcair will announce leadership decision ‘in a few weeks’

Don’t expect a definitive statement anytime soon on Thomas Mulcair’s future in the NDP leadership race. “It’s a question of weeks, not days,” the party’s deputy leader told a group of about 60 supporters and Concordia University students at a speaking event in Montreal on Sept. 16. He made the comments the day after a three-day caucus meeting finished in Quebec City. The question about his leadership and potential backing from the other MPs was a hot topic at the conference.

NDP unveils environmental policies at USask

Saskatchewan NDP leader Dwain Lingenfelter and Saskatoon-Greystone candidate Peter Prebble announced two environmental policies an NDP government would enact after the November provincial election.

Canada catches up to Saskatchewan

The political makeup of Saskatchewan's federal representation remained unchanged after an election that saw unprecedented change elsewhere in the country.