Chief Keef and Lil Reese (left to right) captured in the music video for their song “Traffic.”

Rap puts South Chicago on the map, at a cost

Regional styles have played an important role in the development of rap music in the United States. The traditional players have been the east coast, west coast and the south, but Chicago’s “drill” scene is the latest emerging hotspot.

Sentiment provides an outlet for Saskatoon youth

Sentiment is a Saskatoon-based organization founded by Michael Robinson and partner Devon Plett in 2010. Through hosting events and the selling of Sentiment’s product – mostly clothing – they are able to fund their initiatives in the city.

A Tribe Called Red gives voice to culture

It’s been an eventful year for Ottawa-based trio A Tribe Called Red. After releasing their latest album Nation II Nation this past May, the band began an international tour that carried over into 2014 which included a stop in Saskatoon on Feb. 19.