Sugar daddies baby U of S students

Tuition costs are only going to increase in the coming years at the University of Saskatchewan, so it’s no surprise that students are finding alternative ways to acquire cash without going into debt.

SurveyUS: the results are in

We conducted an online survey to gauge where students stood on the university’s cost-cutting measures, what students perceived the financial problems to be and how the university should go about solving its money issues. This article covers a breakdown of some of those responses.

MacKinnon and Florizone still on payroll

As the University of Saskatchewan prepares to make cuts to combat a projected deficit expected to reach $44.5-million by 2016, two former senior administrators remain on payroll.

University shortchanged in Sask budget: with smaller than expected grant increase, service cuts possible

After receiving a smaller operating grant increase than it had asked for from the provincial government, the University of Saskatchewan is expecting a significant deficit for 2012-13. Rob Norris, the provincial minister of advanced education, says the government actually provided a 5.4 per cent increase to the U of S. This is because in addition to the two per cent increase to the operating grant, the government has provided extra funding for a number of special projects, from the university’s renal transplant program to the Saskatchewan Advantage scholarships.

Balancing our higher learning and low earning

I went into my first term of university in September of 2011 with over $5,000 in my savings account. This was a pretty healthy sum, I thought. Well, try telling that to my currently draining bank accounts. Am I taking a student loan? Oh, hell no! Was I smart enough to win a scholarship for my tuition? Not as long as I’m an arts and science student. So my only option is to pay tuition in cash. Currently I have enough money for the 2012 winter term, and a bit for the start of my second year, but either way, I am royally fucked right about now.

ATM fees are discriminatory

If you’re as careful with your money as I am, you will choose to walk some distance to find your own bank’s ATM in order to avoid being charged fees just to access your own funds. However, there are days when the weather is horrible, or you don’t have time, or there are just no ATMs from your bank within walking distance. That’s when you’ll find yourself staring at the ATM, annoyed with the fees. These fees are unfair because they disproportionately hurt low-income individuals like students.

NDP promise to bring back the tuition freeze if elected

A plan to help students through postsecondary spending is featured in the platforms of both major parties in the Nov. 7 provincial election. Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party have introduced the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship and the Saskatchewan Advance Grant for Education Savings. On the other hand, if elected, Dwain Lingenfelter and the NDP have said they will bring back a fully-funded tuition freeze for Saskatchewan universities and the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology.

U of S balances the books for 2011-12

Following a sizeable increase in provincial funding, we've laid out the budget by the numbers, as the university's financial footprint grows and triggers an increase in salary expenses.