Live Five play East of Berlin is challenging, enticing and darkly funny

East of Berlin is a sharp, biting and brutal play, laced with wicked humour and profound philosophical resonances. It is a play about uncertainty that asks hard questions of its viewer, but also provides a comfort in its familiar search for meaning. It will not depress you as other Holocaust-themed plays might, but it will leave you shaken, somewhat off-balance and generally richer for the experience.
The boys from Vimy

Vimy in time for Remembrance Day

Vern Thiessen’s Vimy is the first show of the season for the local non-profit theatre organization Live Five, telling the story of a nurse tending four wounded Canadian soldiers recovering at a field hospital during the First World War. It is directed by Natasha Martina and stars many current and former U of S drama students. While the play is built around the themes, symbols and actions of the First World War, it is not a play explicitly about war.