Admin: no commitment to childcare expansion

Following the announcement that the University of Saskatchewan would be re-examining all of its options for childcare expansion, Vice-President Finance and Resources Greg Fowler said they had never made a commitment to a proposed daycare facility next to Souris Hall.
Vice-President Finance and Resources Greg Fowler outlined the timeframe for for various stages of the TransformUS process as the taskforce reports are due to the president on Nov. 30.

Financial town hall stirs up questions about TransformUS

The Nov. 5 financial town hall began by outlining the University of Saskatchewan’s current financial state while combating the $44.5 million deficit projected for 2016. However, the focus quickly shifted to the crowd’s present priority: TransformUS.
The university’s agricultural lands could become a bustling campus neighbourhood within decades. The university has agreed to lease the land to developers as part of the city’s infill strategy.

Agro fields to become university cash cow

The University of Saskatchewan has moved forward with the development of more than half of its land inside the city, creating a multi-million-dollar revenue source.