Blanchett was right to call out cameraman

While being interviewed on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild awards in Los Angeles, California on Jan. 18, actress Cate Blanchett stood her ground and called out the GlamCam as it began to scan her Givenchy gown from bottom to top — and rightly so.

An open letter to feminism: I’m sorry

Last September, I wrote an article that probably very few people remember. It was about feminism and its flaws. I was just starting to look into the movement in a nuanced way and was struggling with some of what I saw as unacknowledged problems in the feminist world.

Lingerie Football League foes are missing the point: sexuality has a place in sports, but must be accompanied with respect

As a feminist who promotes positive sexuality, I have a particular interest in people’s responses to the Lingerie Football League. Most of my female friends are against the league; they feel that it is degrading to women and ridicules female athletes. When I ask my male friends how they feel about the league, the most common answer is a cautious, “That depends, how do you feel about the league?"

Women are on top: how feminist porn is changing a male-dominated industry

Porn and feminism make odd bedfellows. Mention pornography to feminists of previous generations, and they’ll likely shudder. Porn at its worst is demeaning and sometimes even violent, which is in opposition to a movement that makes empowerment its goal. But a new generation of feminists has transformed these anti-porn sentiments. Having grown up in an increasingly sex-positive culture, third-wave feminists began reexamining pornography in an effort to reform the industry. Thus, a feminist porn movement was born.

Am I a feminist?

Am I a feminist? What is a feminist anyway? There seem to be a lot of opinions about them, and there is always that braless, hairy, man-hating stereotypical image which I don’t think I fit. Although shaving is a real pain and some days hating men would not be that hard, I don’t want to have to try and be a man so I can make it in the world, and I don’t want to be put into some prescribed role because I admit that I am a woman.

Girl power is not dead: feminists only want equal rights

Our generation’s girls have been raised on two keen ideals. The first as the ultimate and wise Spice Girls have taught us is “girl power.” It is simple and short and breathes life into the girls who remember the pigtails and six-inch platform runners fondly. The second is that feminists are man-hating lesbians; one must have an awful haircut and a lack of fashion sense to apply.

Up with people, down with radical feminism

I learned very early on that a girl can hurt you physically, and that they'll probably beat you at most things. In short, I learned that the only difference between men and women was a matter of anatomy; that equality was a reality and that it was something I should respect and promote. It wasn't until high school that I was informed by a helpful group of Radical feminists that I was a cancer upon the earth.