It’s time to end Canada’s fair-weather environmentalism

For a country whose very identity is tied to the Rocky Mountains, abundant fresh water, large forests and diverse species of animals and plants, Canada has an abysmal record on setting and meeting greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

Real vs. fake environmentalism: we’re too quick to label things eco-friendly

I truly care about saving the planet. But like most people, I don’t like listening to environmentalists. They tend to sound hostile towards humanity. Deep down, some probably want to say we’re all murderers, killing Mother Earth by living in a highly-industrialized world. They may be right. But it’s a closed issue that the Earth is screwed and our fossil-fuel age is largely to blame. Even people who don’t give a shit understand we can’t pollute the Earth so much if we wish to preserve it for the younglings.

A dim light on global warming

Amid a growing wave of concern about climate change, many countries — including Brazil, Australia, the US, and EU members — passed laws in the 2000's outlawing or severely restricting access to incandescent light bulbs. But the real problem, as ever, is that the new technology is not yet as attractive as the old.
Tesla Roadster electric sports car

I’ll take that electric car now, please

Obviously everyone can't travel by bike or bus, and personal vehicles have become an integral part of the way people live in North America. The good news is that there is a viable alternative to the internal combustion engine: Electric cars.

Carrotmob comes to Saskatoon

Making money while saving the environment? Impossible! Or so we thought. Carrotmob, the activist organization that promises profits as well as environmental sustainability, is coming to Saskatoon and focusing on local coffee shops.

On climate change, Canada developing a reputation for disruption

In addition to eggnog, gingerbread houses, caroling, ridiculous looking sweaters, and unspoken tension with in-laws, we can now come to expect the pre-Christmas tradition of having our government play an embarrassingly obstructive role at the United Nations World Climate Change Conference

Our inheritance: environmental degradation and crippling debt

Given that most of you reading this are in the process of attaining a post-secondary degree, I am sure you will succeed as individuals. But as much as I would love to wax eloquent about the bright future our generation, on the whole, has ahead of itself, I'm not inclined to lie.

Swapping lightbulbs won’t stop climate change

For years now, climate activists have argued that individual actions like driving more economical cars and using more efficient light bulbs are a crucial element in the effort to address global warming. But is this really true?