Japan’s crisis an opportunity to reimagine the country

The strong bonds (kizuna) of the Japanese people create great solidarity during dark times such as these. But there are concerns that these bonds of kizuna may also bind the Japanese economy, which must recover as soon as possible.

U of S student spearheads Japanese aid efforts

Satoshi Shibata is putting everything aside to help victims of the Japanese tsunami. The international studies student called an open community meeting on March 13 to figure out what could be done to help in the aftermath of Japan's earthquake and tsunami.

Haiti a disaster area long before the earthquake

Sixty per cent of the Haitian public have no access to even basic health care services. Nearly half of the children in Haiti are unvaccinated, and close to 90 per cent suffer from water-borne diseases and intestinal parasites. Haiti also has the highest rates of cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS in either of the Americas.