Gone Girl brings flawless suspense

KIERAN CHRYSLER The Gateway (University of Alberta) What would you do if your wife disappeared and you were accused of murdering her? Director...

Canada falls short of UN MD goals

The goals included eradicating extreme poverty, reducing gender inequality, improving maternal and newborn health and increasing the accessibility of primary education.
Protesters rallied against U of R affiliating itself with Hebrew University of Israel.

U of R ends talks with Hebrew University

partnership between the University of Regina and Hebrew University in Israel have been scrapped following a rally of students and community activists on Aug. 11 protesting the plans.

Copyright infringement no worry for students

A recent court decision in the case involving corporations TekSavvy and Voltage Pictures is working towards shutting down copyright trolling in Canada and protecting alleged infringers from exploitation.
Alex Neve (middle-left) has a passion for immigrant and refugee law.

Refugee law reform begins with grassroots efforts

Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty International Canada, has been instrumental in exposing Canada’s human rights issues — especially his subjects of passion: refugee and immigrant law.
Ezra Levant speaks at a conference, causing controversy once again among the auidence.

Levant deserves our respect despite his political views

By his own admission, the Sun News contributor and popular conservative pundit enjoys provoking people - something the Canadian University Press delegates quickly learned at their annual national conference in January.
There may be more international students at universities in Canada in coming years.

Gov’t hopes to double international students

On Jan. 15, the Conservative Party  of Canada announced a strategy to double the amount of researchers and students coming from abroad. The program centers around $5 million per year in funding primarily going toward branding and marketing.