Copyright infringement no worry for students

A recent court decision in the case involving corporations TekSavvy and Voltage Pictures is working towards shutting down copyright trolling in Canada and protecting alleged infringers from exploitation.
Alex Neve (middle-left) has a passion for immigrant and refugee law.

Refugee law reform begins with grassroots efforts

Alex Neve, secretary general of Amnesty International Canada, has been instrumental in exposing Canada’s human rights issues — especially his subjects of passion: refugee and immigrant law.
Ezra Levant speaks at a conference, causing controversy once again among the auidence.

Levant deserves our respect despite his political views

By his own admission, the Sun News contributor and popular conservative pundit enjoys provoking people - something the Canadian University Press delegates quickly learned at their annual national conference in January.
There may be more international students at universities in Canada in coming years.

Gov’t hopes to double international students

On Jan. 15, the Conservative Party  of Canada announced a strategy to double the amount of researchers and students coming from abroad. The program centers around $5 million per year in funding primarily going toward branding and marketing.

Rdio service will make you sing a new tune

Netflix has changed the way we watch video content to the point that video rental stores are now practically non-existent. What Netflix did for movies and television, audio-streaming website Rdio might do for music: make it more accessible and inexpensive to consume.

Braids look inward for inspiration

In a windowless one-car garage-turned-studio in Outremont, Montreal-based Braids crafted their most introspective and reflective material to date.
Hegemonic attitudes about Aboriginal Peoples need to change.

Pass system mentality harmful to Aboriginals

In the early days of the treaties, there was the pass system. While the pass system is long gone, the ideas behind it still remain a part of government policy. This needs to change.
Saskatchewanians are leaving big box stores behind to support local businesses.

The political economy of consumerism in Sask

In recent years, there has been an influx in the number of locally-owned businesses opening up in Saskatchewan. Although bigger retailers such as Marshalls and Target are opening up stores, some believe that the culture of shopping is changing overall.
These new ratings hopes to spark more thought and vocal reaction to gender roles. in film.

New Swedish rating system challenges sexism in films

Art-house cinemas across Sweden are breaking moulds and challenging the typical film rating standards by implementing a system that determines whether a film is considered sexist or not and, unfortunately, not many of our beloved Hollywood blockbusters are passing the test.