Second candidate for med school dean sees opportunity at U of S

The second candidate for the position of dean of the College of Medicine presented his vision for the college’s next seven years on Oct. 29. The University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine has been without a permanent dean since Bill Albritton resigned in 2012. The Dean Search Committee is now on their second round of applicants and has short-listed three candidates.

U of S med school put on probation

The University of Saskatchewan’s College of Medicine has been put on probation for a second time, as anticipated by the university’s president.

Paging: tomorrow’s doctors don white coats

On Sept. 21, first-year medical student Kaitlyn Hughes walked across the stage tentatively to receive her new uniform. As the crisp, white coat was draped on her shoulders she realized the burden it comes with. The University of Saskatchewan’s white coat ceremony introduced 100 new students to the College of Medicine. It is the largest freshman class in the school’s history.

Medical college faculty refuses to roll over

A special meeting of the general academic assembly has been called for Sept. 6 to revisit university council’s hotly-debated decision to approve sweeping changes to the College of Medicine. University of Saskatchewan President Ilene Busch-Vishniac called the meeting after her office received 50 requests from individual academics at the university, which triggered a clause in the university’s legislation that has not been used since being enacted in 1995.

UPDATED: University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine on thin ice

The College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan has been told to clamp down and rectify a handful of internal protocols or it will lose its status as an accredited medical school. In a letter to Dean William Albritton, the Committee on the Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools and the American Liaison Committee on Medical Education wrote that a team of inspectors identified 10 weaknesses that would result in probation if not resolved in 10 to 15 months. The inspectors had been dispatched to the U of S three months earlier.