A moment of silence for civic prayer

It’s time that Saskatoon accepted a moment of silence in lieu of a prayer before events so that city council can move on to more important and pressing endeavors that affect our community.

Christianity is going to ruin my sister

I was looking at a book my little sister got recently as part of her newfound Christianity, and it scared me. Each page has a title and a little tip on how to live well and navigate puberty. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Not so.

Ho ho ho! Merry secular year-end holiday!

On Christmas Day this year, millions of Christians will celebrate the birth of God’s son Jesus Christ. Many secularists will also observe their own Christmas traditions: spending lavishly, earning holiday pay, cutting down trees and hanging coloured light bulbs. Others still will regard the season with disdain because they are either not fans of its message, or not fans of presents and time off work. I respect all these views. The only perspective I don’t like is the person who Bah-humbugs any display of Christmas spirit.

The search for God is never-ending

The question of God’s existence may seem irrelevant, unimportant or unanswerable. I believe He exists. I could attempt to prove that existence with rationalizations, scientific evidence or examples of miracles you may or may not believe. The problem is if you don’t care, it does not matter how well I argue the point anyway.

The trouble with angry atheists: fighting for freedom, or just plain fighting?

Every day our Western world becomes more secular. Every Canadian faith is seeing a decline in worship service attendance — save for evangelical Christians. And according to StatsCanada over half of us age 15 to 29 either don’t have a religion or never attend worship services. These trends are welcomed by atheists who feel that faith necessitates intolerance and oppression of non-believers. But there’s an irony among many members of this “free-thought” movement.

Mixing homosexuality with Christianity

After spending some time with the chaplaincy department at Memorial, Reverend Robert Cooke is now an associate priest with St. Mark's Anglican Church in St. John's, where he leads a congregation with openly gay members.