Blow Off Classes - Christine Czajkowski

Go ahead, blow off class

Around halfway through each semester, every student realizes that there’s at least one class that just doesn’t matter to them anymore.

Basketball great Steve Nash calls it quits

On March 21, Canada’s greatest basketball player and the man who inspired a nation to pick up a ball retired. However, the question remains: what was Steve Nash’s legacy?
Subletting - Jeremy Britz

How to tackle subletting the smart way

Although subletting your apartment can be a great way to save money during the summer, it’s important to take the necessary steps to execute sublease attempts properly.
Stress Relief - Jeremy Britz

Getting through finals stress free

Every student dreads facing the pressure and stress of exams, but services offered by the University of Saskatchewan mean that students don't have to go it alone

Pan-Canadian Day of Action reaches U of S

About 100 students and faculty rallied around the Peter MacKinnon Building in the Bowl on March 24 to protest rising tuition and fees and what they view as the corporatization of education.