Trigger warnings suffer from bad publicity

Freedom of expression is a much-debated topic on university campuses. Continually we’re forced to ask, “Where do we draw the line between protecting students’ safety and protecting students’ right to free academic discussion?”

Stop the Sask Party, save Sasktel

When it comes to cell phone service, you usually get what you pay for. When it comes to the most recent provincial election, the people are getting what they voted for and now we’re all paying the consequences.

Huskies hockey teams gearing up for the preseason

Although their seasons may not start until October, the Huskies men’s and women’s hockey teams have already laced up and hit the ice. Both teams have been working hard in fall camp to get ready for their preseason games before heading into the regular season.

U of S responds to non-academic student misconduct

On Sept. 9, students received a notification about an out-of-control event that took place off campus on the night of Sept. 8, leading many to wonder: what happened and how will this incident affect students at the University of Saskatchewan?

Dorm décor 101: How to spice up your living space

It can be difficult to make these types of spaces feel comfortable, and while there’s no place like home, there are ways to make your space feel much more cozy and to add a touch of your personality at the same time.

More to know: STM to host conference on More’s Utopia

The year 2016 has been important in many regards, and it also marks a special event that is much less current than most evening news topics: the anniversary of a significant historical work that has special connections to the University of Saskatchewan.

Local artists talk indie theatre with the release of new play

Saskatoon has a strong theatre scene, and hopefully over the years it will continue to grow. With support from the community and with the help of private grants and funding, independent theatre can thrive alongside other theatre in the city.

A day in the life of a student-parent

One thing you can be sure of is that student-parents are hardworking, committed and truly gifted at time management, but they do need encouragement.