Mens Centre - Jeremy Britz

Men’s centre would be beneficial to U of S

A men’s centre at the University of Saskatchewan could easily sound like a “boy’s club” that festers and promotes patriarchal values. However, this view encourages misconceptions and the U of S would greatly benefit from having a men’s centre.

Students sacrifice too much for school

Students and stress are an almost inseparable pairing. But when one’s mental health and well-being are on the line, we have an obligation to ourselves to let school take a back seat.

Time for tenure to retire

Tenure at the University of Saskatchewan is outdated and serves no purpose as the threats to professors’ careers that made the system necessary no longer exist.

’Til five years from now do us part

Marriage should be forever, but with modern relationships evolving to include more openness and freedom, our current legal definitions of marriage seem irrelevant and should be redefined
NOrthern8 - Jeremy Britz

Northern 8 is the way to go

From a Canadian Interuniversity Sport football fan’s point of view, the Northern 8 seems like an obvious change that needs to be made to help foster the sport nationwide.