Dog Watch: Dadrian Collins

Dadrian Collins is in his final year of eligibility at the University of Saskatchewan and is leading one of the top ranked basketball teams in the country in scoring.

University should improve professors’ teaching skills

It’s in the university’s best interest to ensure that students are given competent instructors. We need to guarantee professors can properly teach to make sure that students have the best learning opportunity possible.

Roommates: the good, the bad and the bizarre

If you’re anything like the average university student — broke, in school full-time and vaguely capable of social interaction — you’ve probably had roommates and some of them likely haven’t been the greatest.

U of S campaigns for positive spaces

The University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Pride Centre recently hosted Positive Space Week: a time to focus on creating safe and welcoming environments for everyone.

Bioscan set to return for 2015

The University of Saskatchewan Biology department’s Bioscan is back for 2015 to teach youth and adults about the importance of the biological sciences and show the biology department’s new research.
Rural Dr - Jeremy Britz

U of S medical grads sticking around

Saskatchewan is keeping more locally-trained medical graduates in the province, which means that incentives to encourage young doctors to stay and practice are working.