Reflections of an ex-smoker

I finally managed to kick smoking completely out of my life this summer. This has been after years of unsuccessful attempts. Smoking is an incredibly difficult habit to break, and for many it can be...

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games to add 3×3 basketball

Earlier this summer, Saskatoon hosted the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) 3x3 Basketball World Tour Masters in the downtown streets. The event came just after the announcement that three on three...

Is the U of S capable of dealing with addictions?

ALEXANDRIA PAVELICH Problematic substance use can become a major difficulty at any stage in life, especially one as tumultuous as being a student, but is the University of Saskatchewan doing enough to...

A glimpse into the Huskies’ off-season training

With summer fast approaching, many Huskies teams are entering their off-season. The off-season doesn’t mean that they completely stop training though, and instead, teams focus on building up strength while also making time for rest.

Caffeine addict goes caffeine-free

If you’re like many university students, you’ve probably been drinking a cup of coffee or two a day since high school. But what happens when you give up caffeine entirely?