RBC suing med student with mental illness

School stress is bad enough with essays, exams, extracurricular activities and a lack of sleep, but if you add in mental health struggles and loan repayments, then you’re in for one hell of a ride.

What should the USSU do for you?

Candidates will officially announce their run for the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union on Mar. 13 and voting will be carried out over Mar. 22 and 23.

U of S should be honest about pot

Despite our government moving closer and closer towards legalization and regulation of cannabis products for recreational purposes, and the medical community becoming more aware of the benefits of marijuana, there is still so much demonization of the substance, and the worst part is that it is mostly based on misinformation and anti-drug propaganda.

A conservative on campus

Self-identifying as a Conservative on the University of Saskatchewan campus has become an increasingly unpopular choice, but despite that, I’m not backing down.