Sustainability Week: U of S to publicly commit to sustainability

With a myriad of issues facing students across the country, from pollution to debt to isolation, important figures at the University of Saskatchewan are set to sign a memorandum that will affirm the university’s commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Mental Health Awareness Week: USSU helps students cope with stress

While taking care of mental health is something that many students often neglect, self-care is an important part of staying healthy as a university student. To increase students' knowledge on this issue, the University of Saskatchewan Students' Union is hosting Mental Health Awareness Week.

College of Medicine to host Global Health Conference

For the fifth time, the annual student-led Global Health Conference will take place at the University of Saskatchewan, offering all students the opportunity to connect with professionals and each other on the topic of health care worldwide.

USSU Women’s Centre focuses on Sexual Assault Awareness Week

With each new school year, there are a lot of new faces and many first-year students on campus. Sexual Assault Awareness Week presents an opportunity for these new students to learn about an important and current issue at the University of Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon City Transit: From GPS to strike

The transit system has had a busy year of transformations. After the lockout in 2014, Saskatoon Transit has worked towards improving routes and rider experience for customers.

U of S responds to non-academic student misconduct

On Sept. 9, students received a notification about an out-of-control event that took place off campus on the night of Sept. 8, leading many to wonder: what happened and how will this incident affect students at the University of Saskatchewan?

More to know: STM to host conference on More’s Utopia

The year 2016 has been important in many regards, and it also marks a special event that is much less current than most evening news topics: the anniversary of a significant historical work that has special connections to the University of Saskatchewan.
Participants at the 2016 One Health Leadership Experience included nearly 150 U of S students in the health science disciplines, agriculture, environment and toxicology.

One Health Leadership Experience: Acting locally, thinking globally

From Aug. 26-28, about 150 students and faculty participated in the University of Saskatchewan’s fifth annual One Health Leadership Experience, a conference that builds bridges between different colleges on campus and takes the first steps to achieve success in solving health problems through collaboration, communication and inclusion.