Study abroad options for all students

On Oct. 19, the University of Saskatchewan hosted a travel abroad fair outside of the Neatby-Timlin Theatre on the second floor of the Arts Building.

Plays, prose and poetry: English department to host Vinyl Night

On Oct. 26 at the University of Saskatchewan, the soft words of spoken poetry will drift down the stairs from Louis’ Loft where the English department, English Course Council and English Undergraduate Society will host an evening of vinyl listening and conversation at their Vinyl Night.

Queerapalooza: Celebrating sexual and gender diversity on campus

As the middle of the term approaches, the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Pride Centre will host one of its annual events, bringing together people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to show that everyone can have fun, despite and even because of their differences.

Enactus students build investments for the future

For Enactus University of Saskatchewan, 2016 is the year for continuing a legacy of social, economic and environmental changes that Enactus students agree are key components when creating a strong and successful community.