FLAC educates students on legal processes and justice in Canada

Most people will need access to legal services at some point in their life. For students at the University of Saskatchewan outside of the College of Law, the legal system can be mystifying, but one group of student volunteers is working to change that.

Online magazine Her Campus to open chapter at U of S

Creative expression can help students have a more meaningful university experience, but it is often missing from students’ busy lives. With the launching of online magazine Her Campus, students at the University of Saskatchewan will have a new platform to share their stories and ideas creatively.

Tuition hikes: U of S to increase cost of education

The University of Saskatchewan has released tuition rates for the 2017-18 year, following the Board of Governor’s decision in December, creating new challenges for students in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Student Counselling Services overloaded with clients

The University of Saskatchewan Student Counselling Services is a resource designed to aid students who are in need of mental health resources, but word reached the Sheaf that some students were recently denied access to counselling.

USSU dedicates advocacy week to women in leadership

Women are often under-represented in many fields, especially in leadership roles, and this fact is no different at the University of Saskatchewan. In response to this deficit, the U of S Students’ Union has created the first ever Women in Leadership week.