FMP3: Help Centre launches free menstrual products pilot

This February, the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Help Centre continues to reach out to students with a pilot project in which they place a basket of tampons and sanitary napkins in bathrooms that will benefit students in times of need.

USSU Sex Week provides educational events for students

Back for another year of education and fun, Sex Week is full of erotic poetry and events that University of Saskatchewan students can enjoy. The week provides opportunities for students to learn more about diverse sexualities and different perspectives on sexual practices.

Strike against the hike: SSA protests rising tuition

The University of Saskatchewan’s decision to increase tuition fees for the 2017-18 school year was met with sighs of disappointment from students all across campus, but for a particular group of students, the hike was a call to action.

Islam Awareness Week confronts misconceptions

As misconceptions about Muslim people hit a critical level in the United States with President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban, one student group at the University of Saskatchewan is working to create open dialogue and counter Islamophobia.

FLAC educates students on legal processes and justice in Canada

Most people will need access to legal services at some point in their life. For students at the University of Saskatchewan outside of the College of Law, the legal system can be mystifying, but one group of student volunteers is working to change that.