Skaters showed no mercy during Saturday’s bout, displaying all-out agression on the track.

Saskatoon roller derby keeps on jammin’

Roller derby faded from the public view after the height of its popularity in the 1970’s but, since its grassroots all-female revival in 2001, roller derby leagues have sprung up all across the globe — including Saskatoon.
Educating yourself and others about the effects of homophobia is something in which we all must participate.

Pride and prejudice

A first-hand account shows that homophobia is still going strong even in Vancouver, a city that many consider LGBT friendly.
CIS Gender Gap

The gender battle in the CIS

Of the 480 head coaches in Canadian Interuniversity Sport, a staggering 408 are male. While most people would say the dramatic disparity speaks for itself, and that the issue of gender inequality at university-level coaching positions is black and white, not everyone feels the same way.
Yogi Puck

Get your head in the game: mastering the mental aspect of sport

As athletes and coaches we spend a lot of time working on physical, technical and strategic skills in our particular sport. But is that enough? What about the mental aspect of the game? How important is it for athletes to prepare their psychological mindset?