Profiling Sexual Violence

People who victimize men and women, violate their physical space and cause lasting emotional damage should be brought to justice, and victims given the reconcilliation they deserve.

2014 / 2015 Canadian NHL preview

Last year was a disappointing season for a majority of Canadian hockey fans as seven of our eight teams failed to make the playoffs. This year promises to be different with a few teams ready to take the next step, as well as a couple teams who made big off-season moves in hopes to be competitive now.

Young adults perfect fit for neknominations

The tendency of young adults to feel invulnerable mixed with the power of social media has led to Neknominations taking the world by storm, leaving a few casualties in its wake.

Fifty Shades of the Blues

The annual Saskatoon Blues Festival invites you to take a step back in time to the golden age of urban blues. From Feb. 24 – March 2 seasoned blues veterans and rookies alike can enjoy the smooth, finger-snapping tunes of artists from across the globe, courtesy of the Saskatoon Blues Society.

Saskatoon label lays roots in local music scene

It can be challenging for musicians looking for sustainability in the local scene, but one Saskatoon record label wants to help change this condition for the better — and they’re starting at a grassroots level.

Keep politics out of the Olympics

Political controversies are taking over the Olympics, which is unfortunate when this shouldn’t ever be the case. Athletic performances should be the focus, not a country’s politics.

Towards a bottled water-free campus

The University of Saskatchewan School of Environment and Sustainability Student Association is leading a campaign to ban the sale of bottled water on the U of S campus.