Chief Keef and Lil Reese (left to right) captured in the music video for their song “Traffic.”

Rap puts South Chicago on the map, at a cost

Regional styles have played an important role in the development of rap music in the United States. The traditional players have been the east coast, west coast and the south, but Chicago’s “drill” scene is the latest emerging hotspot.
Paper Airplanes student members each took on multiple roles in the production of the series.

Web series Paper Airplanes soars onto the big screen

A unique production written, directed and performed entirely by University of Saskatchewan students, Paper Airplanes finally made its big screen debut at the Broadway Theatre on April 1 after much local and national media hype.
Summer jobs are tough to find for students at this time of year.

Need a job? Start walking, stop surfing

The frustration of finding a summer job is something many students have experienced, especially since the 2008 economic crisis sent markets around the world crashing.
Henry Andreas displays the emotional struggles of being a single parent in The Husband.

The Husband explores the depths of human emotion

Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald unflinchingly exposes the dark side of human nature in his film The Husband, which will be screening at the Broadway Theatre during the first week of April.