Five Essential Podcasts for Cinephiles

If you’re anything like me, the next best thing to watching a movie is listening to a good movie podcast. For the uninitiated, here are five great shows worth giving a listen to in your spare time — spoiler alert on all of them.

A Sheaf guide to moving to Saskatoon

This impending doom is speculated to mean a boom in Canadian immigration — especially among students — so I’d like to share some less-offered local wisdom to any future American-Saskatonians.

Eating disorders consume men as well

Despite being regarded almost entirely as a female crisis, male eating disorders are still a serious problem — and one that appears to only be getting worse.

I scream, you scream: We all scream for dank memes

With essays, assignments and late term exams keeping students shut off from the rest of the world, when would be better to discuss the one thing that keeps us all interconnected in these troubling times? Of course I speak of the magic power of memes.

Universities aren’t at fault when their students are assholes

Queen’s University is investigating a racist costume party held by students after photos from the event made the rounds of social media and news outlets. While this behavior warrants consequences, their university should not be the institution to deliver them.