As the Oscars showed us, we need Israeli Apartheid Week

Earlier this month, one of the most glamorous cultural events of the year took place. The Hollywood elite donned some of the world’s most expensive clothing and jewelry for an evening that honours the year’s best achievements in film and acting: the Academy Awards.

Corporate involvement in university governance is a disturbing trend

The “revolving door” in American politics allows people to move between the private and public sectors and to influence public policy in favour of the businesses with which they are involved. This phenomenon is one of the most universally recognized signs that the American system is corrupted and broken.

An open letter to feminism: I’m sorry

Last September, I wrote an article that probably very few people remember. It was about feminism and its flaws. I was just starting to look into the movement in a nuanced way and was struggling with some of what I saw as unacknowledged problems in the feminist world.

Banning masked protest threatens Canadian freedoms

On Oct. 31 the federal government passed a private members’ bill with far-reaching implications for Canadians that signals a desire on the Conservative government’s part to erode citizens’ civil liberties.

A plea for creative Halloween costumes

“Slutty” Halloween costumes are a perennial cause for complaint despite the fact that, at least in some social groups, they are relatively rare. Like the multitudes, I find them frustrating. Unlike the multitudes, however, this is not because I want to slut-shame anyone; it is because “sexy” costumes are usually so unimaginative.

Let my Johnson in! And other puns concerning third-party presidential candidates

On Oct. 3 the first of three presidential debates in the 2012 American election cycle aired internationally, and what a spectacle it was. Anyone watching could see how diametrically opposed the two candidates are, how vast and substantive the differences between them. For instance: the Democrat wore a blue tie and the Republican wore red.

BREAKING: bassist of local punk band masturbates on camera

When he’s not making sure students get their poutines and dollar beers in a timely fashion, Louis’ manager Dan Smolinski fronts one of Saskatoon’s most promising new punk bands, Lady Deathstryke. On Oct. 9 the band released their second video, for the single “I Don’t Wanna” from the upcoming I’m Terrified

Christianity is going to ruin my sister

I was looking at a book my little sister got recently as part of her newfound Christianity, and it scared me. Each page has a title and a little tip on how to live well and navigate puberty. Sounds pretty innocuous, right? Not so.

I would have dropped out of school without coffee

I am a dyed-in-the-wool nerd who gets excited by the sight and the smell of school supplies. I remember childhood mostly as a montage of going into Staples each August and looking at all the varieties of pens, pencils and notebooks. Graduating from Duo-Tangs to flimsily stapled notebooks to coiled ones and then, finally, to binders provided a measure for my ascent to maturity.

Intro to sexting: dick pic tips and tricks

In this modern era, we have to navigate the unpredictable maze of dating and feelings as well as the much newer terrain of texting, sexting and naked pictures. With that in mind, I surveyed some of my fellow students and compiled a list of things to do and to avoid for guys thinking of sending pictures of their dicks to some lucky ladies.