A glimpse into the Huskies’ off-season training

With summer fast approaching, many Huskies teams are entering their off-season. The off-season doesn’t mean that they completely stop training though, and instead, teams focus on building up strength while also making time for rest.

Responding to 5 Days for the Homeless

From Mar. 13-17, five University of Saskatchewan students participated in the 5 Days for the Homeless campaign, raising money, material donations and awareness about homelessness in Saskatoon. While working to reduce homelessness is a noble cause, the methods used by this campaign to raise awareness are both insensitive and concerning.

Must-see social justice documentaries

There’s nothing quite like being wrapped up in an interesting topic that leaves you feeling inspired, motivated or curious for more information.

Dorm décor 101: How to spice up your living space

It can be difficult to make these types of spaces feel comfortable, and while there’s no place like home, there are ways to make your space feel much more cozy and to add a touch of your personality at the same time.

Weight gain woes: Avoiding the freshman 15

A classic problem that university students face is one that creeps up unexpectedly: weight gain. The “freshman 15” is a phrase that refers to an amount of weight that is usually gained during a student’s first year of post-secondary education, and is generally caused by everything student life stands for — drinking, lack of exercise and not eating well.

A vegetarian and gluten-free guide to campus eateries

It can be difficult finding vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan options for food anywhere — let alone on campus. Luckily, the University of Saskatchewan has some hidden gems when it comes to alternative food choices and the Sheaf is here to help you out!

A Sheaf guide to surviving finals

Seeing as the brutality of final exam season is upon us and the mortality rate of students generally skyrockets during this time of year, the Sheaf has put together a guide with some tips to ensure that you survive this dangerous period.