Not the sincerest form of flattery: The Sheaf talks Plagiarism

On Jan. 16, numerous news outlets, including the New York Times, reported that Monica Crowley, chosen by President Donald Trump to serve on his National Security Council, will not be accepting the appointment following two recent allegations of plagiarism.

Young Women in Business boost student confidence

For many university students surrounded by expectations and deadlines, self-esteem and confidence can be difficult to find and sustain. This year, a student group from Edwards School of Business at the...

Students take the streets for Lighthouse stabilization shelter

On Oct. 22, hundreds of community members, including University of Saskatchewan students and then mayoral candidate Charlie Clark, marched the streets of downtown Saskatoon in support of the Lighthouse Supported Living Inc., following provincial government cuts to their stabilization unit.

Sustainability Week: U of S to publicly commit to sustainability

With a myriad of issues facing students across the country, from pollution to debt to isolation, important figures at the University of Saskatchewan are set to sign a memorandum that will affirm the university’s commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

U of S responds to non-academic student misconduct

On Sept. 9, students received a notification about an out-of-control event that took place off campus on the night of Sept. 8, leading many to wonder: what happened and how will this incident affect students at the University of Saskatchewan?

Efficiency first: U of S Bookstore goes alphabetical

Though many students are clinging to the last days of summer, some are preparing for the advent of classes, and the University of Saskatchewan Bookstore is ready for the rush, with a new alphabetical organizational system.