Serious sex advice from a serious sexpert

The hard truth is that there’s absolutely no need to talk to your partner about her likes and dislikes if you already know everything there is to know about sex — like I do!

U of S students find their voice

It turns out U of S students do care about their school, and they’re willing to do something about it. Let’s just hope we can all get over our reluctance to be shit-disturbers and keep pushing for positive engagement on campus. This is more than a degree mill, after all.

I’m losing my mind but I know exactly where to find it: on the Internet

My memory is failing me. It happens on a near-daily basis: a name, a face, an address. I just can’t seem to recall anything anymore, and I blame the Internet. Or perhaps my memory isn’t failing so much as it is adapting. Rather than remembering specific facts, I find myself remembering the paths I took to discover them.

Good riddance to the penny (if only Stephen Harper would kill these other things as well)

The abolition of the penny proves what most people have long suspected: Stephen Harper is the greatest prime minister since Sir John A. Macdonald. At the very least, it confirms that he’s really good at abolishing things — the long-gun registry, the long-form census and the Katimavik program. Here’s a short list of other things the prime minister should consider abolishing.

Fight over film tax credit continues: Saskatoon producer says film industry not warned about cuts in budget

When Brad Wall’s government cancelled the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit, it caught many in the film industry flat-footed. The cancellation of the film credit was announced in Regina March 21 as a part of the 2012 budget. The elimination of the credit was part of an effort “to ensure provincial finances remain sustainable,” Culture Minister Bill Hutchinson said in a news release.

USSU prepares for dozens of student council races

With voting set for March 28 and 29, the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union is preparing for elections for dozens of positions in next year’s USSU executive and University Students’ Council. In years past, the USSU only administered the elections for the executive positions, but following this year’s annual general meeting it will also assume responsibility for 23 other positions comprising the various colleges and student groups on campus that have representatives on council.

Vladimir Putin is ridiculous: the Russian strongman may win elections, but he is losing his mind

The votes are in and it looks like Russia, and the world, is stuck with at least six more years of Vladimir Putin.With another six-year term more than likely, that would bring Putin’s total time as Russia’s undisputed leader to 24 years, rivalling the reigns of Stalin and Ivan the Terrible. “We have won in honest and fair combat,” a tearful Putin told supporters after the vote, despite rather substantial evidence to the contrary.

Huskies basketball to host Final Four

The No. 3 ranked Huskies men are set to host the Canada West Final Four for the first time ever following two wins against the Trinity Western Spartans at the Physical Activity Complex Feb. 24 and 25. The men played a close first game against the Spartans on Feb. 24, but pulled ahead in the final quarter to win 98-83. Fourth-year guard Jamelle Barrett scored 36 points for the Huskies — more than a third of the team’s total. Meanwhile, despite a wobbly start on the first night of a two-game series against the Thompson Rivers University Wolfpack, the No. 3 ranked Huskies women’s basketball team ended the weekend by sweeping their opponents.