Sick of democratic elections? Vote Conservative

We have a responsibility to participate in democracy and to vote (or else actively work to find another system of government). I could be wrong, but I think Canadians still value democracy.

Friends Electric uncork vintage emotions

Drew Davies has been writing and playing music in Saskatoon for well over a decade. In that time, Davies' band Linus Hemmingway put on numerous bizarre, magnetic shows at venues like the Cosmo Senior Centre, Amigos and the Jazz Bassment, inadvertently helping sculpt the local indie scene around it.

Are white poppies disrespectful?

I can't help but think that “Lest We Forget” means that we are obliged to honour, but also to try and comprehend, the sacrifice that many made (and continue to make) for their country by choosing or being conscripted to go to war.

Why we can’t get enough vomit

I don't usually indulge in this kind of analysis but 'tis the season for musings on the carnal, the bizarre, the horrible and the gross. So here's an analysis of vomit and why we are obsessed with it as a culture.

Grumpy old man gains unwanted celebrity in Winnebago Man

When a few choice words were made public from the outtakes of a Winnebago commercial, actor Jack Rebney lost his job. He may even have forgotten all about the video that got him fired in the first place, but nothing stays hidden long in the YouTube age.

The ridiculous and sometimes obscene expenditures of the G20

I was in Toronto directly before and directly after the G20 summit. I left for Kingston because I couldn't go to work. The restaurant I worked at was forced to close for a number of days. Also, I left because I didn't want anything to do with the summit.

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Kelly’s Kafe knows what you need

Tucked in between warehouses, big rigs and long tracts of cement and gravel, one of Saskatoon's finest diners lurks, almost unnoticed by the passing cars on the nearby Idylwyld freeway. Kelly's Kafe ”” once an infamous bar and restaurant located just east of Market Mall ”” has reopened in a new location outside of the exhibition grounds.