The University of Saskatchewan’s main campus is situated on Treaty 6 Territory and the Homeland of the Métis.



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#Inventory: The mystery of the Sheaf office refridgerator


No one knows when the fridge was installed in the Sheaf office. Some say it was 2001, some say 1918. Others say it’s been there since the dawn of time. Judging by the state of the leftovers inside, we’re leaning toward some time between the Renaissance and the First World War.

#The Educator: Peter MacKinnon’s odd rise to the top


On a warm spring afternoon, Peter MacKinnon paces in his office at the College Building. He suns himself in the large windows of his office surrounded by years of personal trophies. The office speaks to the character of the man. As an avid hunter and lover of the chase, the walls are lined with the pelts of his many prairie safaris. In a corner far from his desk, a garbage can is topped with a small basketball hoop, the floor around it littered with crumpled and discarded office memos. In a few months, MacKinnon will be retired and likely forgotten by most people, but for now he is simply worried about getting through the last spring convocation as President of the University of Saskatchewan.

#Outside the Lines: Colour Me Kony


Each week Brianna Whitmore creates an illustration meant to capture the small moments in life. Readers can colour the picture, have a photo taken with the finished product and email it to Fridges at One winner will be chosen each week and receive whatever we goddamn please.

#New Music Festival aims to reinvigorate Saskatoon scene


A new musical age is about to dawn in Saskatoon. While the Saskatoon indie music scene has traditionally been dominated by a tight-knit cabal of musicians jointly making up a handful of bands, a new music festival — aptly dubbed the New Music Festival — aims to bring new Saskatoon talent to the fore.

#Study Style: Sandra Peters makes the grade


In the middle of finals, staying stylish can be a chore. Sandra Peters does her best to strike a balance between being comfortable and staying on-trend as she settles in to study for hours at a time.

#The Murray Library: No rent, just late fees


Catering to students and life-long bachelors, the Murray Library is a little-known neighbourhood that is rapidly growing. Felix Larson has lived in the Murray Library since December of 2010 and has witnessed first-hand how fast the area is growing. He cites the Place Riel renovation as a massive draw to the area and feels more and more people are becoming aware of this blossoming community.

#Announcing Fridges, a Sheaf Community Newspaper


It may be the end of the semester, but it’s the beginning of something very #special. The Sheaf Publishing Society is #thrilled to bring you the first issue of our new community newspaper, Fridges, where we keep #YXE fresh and cool.

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