Adrian Peterson is one of many professional athletes in trouble with the law.

Money talks in major sports leagues

While professional athletes getting in trouble with the law is nothing new, but it certainly brings to light the major leagues’ primary concern: money.

Harper’s aggressive policy towards Russia is positive, hopeful

On Nov. 14, Stephen Harper told Vladimir Putin to “get out” of Ukraine at the annual G20 summit. As Canada shows it will not tolerate Russian military action, this could be a positive step for international relations between Canada and other countries.

Cosby allegations put an ugly face on victim blaming

Over a dozen women have accused Bill Cosby of rape after decades of silence. Allegations of sexual abuse against the famous actor involve Cosby using force, manipulation and coercion due to his celebrity status.

Temperature taken of student life on campus

University administrators took the temperature of student life on campus with the release of their results on the Campus Climate Survey on Nov. 17. Data for the comprehensive, 53 question-long survey which examined student belonging on campus, was collected in November of 2013 from 5,205 students.

An ode to the fading glory of the album

With Taylor Swift’s 1989 being this year’s only new release projected to sell a million copies, the death of the platinum album may very well be on the way.

Ally Week returns to the U of S

From Oct. 27–31, the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union Pride Centre held Ally Week, a five-day event promoting diversity and education on campus.