Time for the NFL to go green

In the National Football League, smoking pot is worse than domestic abuse — or at least that’s what the suspensions of Ray Rice and Josh Gordon tell us.
Singer Grant Davidson fits comfortably into the folk music scene.

Slow Leaves: More of the same old folk-country

Slow Leaves — the recording alias of singer Grant Davidson — recently released a full-length album that blends into the mass of folk-country music that is already on the market.

Sam deserves NFL shot

Before Michael Sam became college football’s first openly gay player he was already making a name for himself as one of the league’s premier pass rushers at the University of Missouri.

Growth hormones in milk are udderly disgusting

The Canadian government is changing dairy regulations, allowing the U.S. to have access to our dairy market introducing the use of rGBH that is prevalent in many American dairy products.

The Broadway Street Fair celebrates 31 years of fun

The Broadway Street Fair celebrated its 31st birthday this year on Sept. 6. The five-block fairgrounds were flooded with well over 1,000 locals and tourists alike after opening at 10 a.m. as the party kept going all day long.

Sex crime? Try privacy and property violation

On Aug. 31, nude photographs of a number of celebrities were leaked online — including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Teresa Palmer and Ariana Grande. Tech News claims there were over 100 women targeted with the release.

CLS at the forefront of nanotech development

The Canadian Light Source at the University of Saskatchewan has been home to multiple new discoveries and developments that could help move scientists toward the nanotechnology of the future.

Campus Club Watch: Animaniacs on the loose

The list of popular anime and manga is endless and its followers are legion. If you’re part of that legion there’s a spot on campus just for you in the Animanga Club.