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News Briefs – week of May 3/18

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Spotlight on tuition increases at the U of S

On April 4, the University of Saskatchewan Board of Governors announced the tuition rates for the 2018-19 academic year. On average, students at the U of S will be paying 4.8 per cent more than they did in the 2017-18 academic year.

At the U of S, tuition is set based on three considerations: comparisons to the tuition levels of other U15 universities, the perceived quality of education, and affordability and accessibility. With the tuition announcement, the Board of Governors released an information document outlining the tuition increases by college. The tuition hikes for direct-entry colleges are as follows:

Agriculture and Bioresources

4.8 per cent increase, from $6,119 to $6,413.

Arts and Science

4.7 per cent increase, from $6,751 to $7,065.

Edwards School of Business

3.3 per cent increase, from $7,406 to $7,647.


4.0 per cent increase, from $8,172 to $8,500.


4.4 per cent increase, from $6,100 to $6,371.

In a media release following the Board of Governors’ tuition announcement, 2017-18 USSU vice-president operations and finance Deena Kapacila stated that the USSU is pleased with the tuition dialogue between the U of S administration and the USSU. However, Kapacila doesn’t believe that the hikes reflect the economic realities of students, and in her statement, she called on the provincial government for increased financial assistance.

“With the understanding that the cost associated with post-secondary education is a shared responsibility, we are asking the province of Saskatchewan to adequately fund our post-secondary institutions and work with the U of S to combat the declining student experience referenced in the Maclean’s U15 rankings,” Kapacila said. “Even if a student is lucky enough to find a well-paying job, working all summer barely covers the cost of one term.”

Tanner Bayne / News Editor

Graphic: Jaymie Stachyruk / Graphic Editor

  • Vicki Ollikka

    U of S can go ahead and keeping hiking tuition, personally I’m already looking into studying elsewhere as are most of my friends. Wall’s government also got rid of the tax credits for post secondary students so at this point it’s more reasonable to study literally anywhere else in the country if one has the means to do so.

  • John

    “Deena Kapacila stated that the USSU is pleased with the tuition dialogue between the U of S administration and the USSU” – what dialogue? Anyone heard of a debate, statements, protests, dialogues? Oh, I get it: fighting for lower tuition is actually a task, a problem and work. To fight for lower tuition and to win, you have to put in your intelligence and strength (which they evidently do not have). Yeah, it is easier to stage fake sjw outrage and accuse innocent people who cannot defend themselves in front of the pack of feminists. The USSU is useless organization right now. They do not represent students at all, although we pay 200 bucks per year to feed them. What do we need them for? No, seriously, what for? She must be angry, she must fight for students. But she is “pleased”. What a joke! If we get rid of them, our tuition will go down. Drain the swamp, drain USSU! Let’s start a petition.

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