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Fake News: In an effort to simplify, assistant to the associate vice-president information and communications technology named

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ADMINISTRATION BUILDING — Following several rounds of intensive committee meetings and a general election, it was determined entirely necessary to create and fill the position of assistant to the associate vice-president information and communications technology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Highly critiqued as “bureaucratic fuckery” by the former assistant associate vice-president information and communications technology, Tom Buchan, the move to alter staffing was a harrowing effort to solve a number of internal communication concerns. A long-standing issue in the Information and Communications Technology Office has been the complicated arrangement of tasks and duties.

“Basically, Tom was just being a real tool. We forgot to include an abstention option in our weekly office lunch poll, and he lost it — so over the course of three months, we collectively decided that the best solution was to create this position and move him into it,” [source removed].

The ICT portfolio encompasses a broad spectrum of activities to ensure that the ICT environment meets the needs of the university community. The administrative department is responsible for university data systems, academic and research technologies, infrastructure services, client services, security and strategic services.


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