Albums of the Week

Feb. 16, 2017

Lady In Mind

by Begonia


If you’ve been looking for a little sonic catharsis lately — and I think we all have — look no further. Alexa Dirks, who operates under the moniker Begonia, has just released Lady In Mind, which is just what you need to hear. Her soulful melodies and poignant lyrics are layered over gospel-infused arrangements and will provide that musical massage that you, and I, desperately need.

Feb. 09, 2017


by Cherry Glazerr


A long way from a teen’s solo basement recordings, Cherry Glazerr shows off a new, fuller sound with their latest release. Teeming with sarcastic social commentary, it’s a little angry and a little rough — think bubblegum pop from a bar bathroom. For a good sampling, check out “Trash People” and ready your angst.

January 26, 2017

EP Demo 2017

by Alive in Tucson


Alive in Tuscon, a Saskatoon home-grown band, is the group to watch in 2017. The band’s members primarily reside in Saskatoon and have released a stellar EP sure to satiate garage dwellers everywhere. Weezer-esque and laden with moody break-up melodies and heavy guitar riffs, these boys are poised to provide your new don’t-give-a-frick anthem. You can even catch them live on Feb. 8 at D’lish Café.

January 19, 2017

I See You

by The xx


I See You is the latest release from the English trio, The xx. The band’s emblematic spacey guitar riffs and husky harmonies return but this time, sounding more sophisticated and coherent than ever. If you liked how The xx sounded in 2009, then you’ll love how they sound in I See You — be sure to check out the song “A Violent Noise.”