Tricks and treats to spice up Halloween beverages

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While Halloween serves as the perfect excuse to binge on all your favorite candy and chocolate, it’s also a time to get dressed up and have a few drinks with friends. Whether you’re in need of a great pre-drinking punch recipe or you want a Halloween cocktail, the Sheaf has you covered this season.

One of my favourite party treats is the classic Jell-O shot. These are really easy to make, and going with orange Jell-O ensures that they fit the Halloween theme. To make a batch of shots you will need one package of Jell-O, half a cup of your favourite alcohol, water and plastic shot glasses, which I found at Walmart in the paper products section.

Say “cheers!” to celebrate this Halloween season.

Making Jell-O shots is simple: bring one cup of water to boil in a kettle and empty the Jell-O package into a large bowl. Once the water is ready, pour it over the Jell-O powder and stir until the powder is completely dissolved. This part is important, otherwise the sugar crystals will fall to the bottom of your shots and taste extremely potent.

Once it’s all been dissolved, take a half cup of alcohol and another half cup of cold water and pour them into the bowl. If you want stronger shots, you can use a full cup of alcohol instead of the cold water.

For a richer-tasting shot, I used rum and orange Jell-O, but vanilla vodka would work great with the orange flavour for a fun creamsicle flavour. You could also do green Jell-O for a “witch’s brew” Halloween theme. This recipe makes about 20 shots.

If shots aren’t for you, another delicious and simple recipe is a Halloween punch. If you don’t have a punch bowl to use, or you want to spice things up, head to a place that sells Halloween decorations and buy a plastic witch’s cauldron or pumpkin container — this is an inexpensive and creative way to decorate and hold the punch at the same time.

For a simple red colored punch — you can call it a “bloody brew” — this Halloween, you will need cranberry juice, peach schnapps and vodka. Punch requires more alcohol per serving than shots, so four cups of vodka are needed for this recipe — which uses about a 26 of vodka. Combine this in your punch bowl with a mickey of peach schnapps and two full bottles of cranberry juice, equalling 1.5 litres.

Top off your punch bowl with ice, fake eyeballs, fake fingers or even fake teeth for a vampire theme. Lots of easy punch recipes can also be found online, or you can even take your favorite cocktail and make a large amount of it and voila! — it can also serve as a delicious punch.

One of my favorite drinks to sip on is sangria — and a Halloween sangria is a fun way to change up an old favourite! For this one you will need a pitcher, a bottle of red wine, two cups of Ginger ale, three 11 ounce bottles of Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade, an orange, one green apple and frozen cherries. The fruit adds extra flavours to the sangria, but can also be optional.

Combine all the liquids in the pitcher, adding ice if you’d like. Slice up the orange and apple and toss those in. This is a full-bodied and rich sangria recipe, with strong cherry flavours. It’s a dark red color, which works well with the Halloween theme. You can also toss in some fake eyeballs or teeth into this pitcher to go along with the season.

Other alcohols that work well with Halloween are red apple or green apple liqueur, which are fun colors to work with. For green apple, you can do a sour flavoured shot or cocktail. For something adventurous, try a pumpkin liqueur, which can be delicious as a blended drink or even with a cup of coffee for a creamy pumpkin twist at home after your evening adventures.

Halloween may just be the perfect time to try something new — and put your vodka seven to rest.

Naomi Zurevinski / Editor-in-Chief

Photo: Caitlin Taylor / Photo Editor