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2014–15 USSU executive voted in

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Announced in Upper Place Riel on March 27, the University of Saskatchewan undergraduate student body has chosen its students’ union executive members for the 2014–15 academic year.

With 2,061 votes, Max FineDay is excited to return for a second term as U of S Students’ Union president.

“It feels great,” FineDay said. “I’ve been given a mandate by our students, and that’s work that I intend to do and I won’t disappoint.”

Winning the race for vice-president Academic Affairs with 1,693 votes, Desirée Steele lauded her fellow students for giving her the opportunity to earn their support.

“I’d like to thank all the students that voted for me,” Steele said. “But also all the students that gave me the chance to talk to them. I hope I can meet more and convince them that the USSU is worth their time and interest.”

Elias Nelson secured the title of vice-president operations and finance with 1,511 votes after unsuccessfully running for the position in 2013. He thanked all those who helped with his campaign this year.

“A lot of very good people have put in a lot of work for me. I have very good friends that have put in a lot of time at a great sacrifice for me, and it just really feels good to have lived up to what they expect of me and to have made the most of their time,” Nelson said.

Jack Saddleback garnered 2,472 votes in his bid for vice-president student affairs. Running unopposed, Saddleback looks forward to using his experience on campus as both a student and as USSU Pride Centre coordinator in his new role as part of the executive.

“I’ve been at the university for three years now and I’ve been working at the pride centre for two of those years,” Saddleback said. “I’ve been working as hard as I can for all of the students, and it’s humbling to know that I can now do that on a larger scale.”

Incoming University Senate members are Heather Franklin, Gabe Senecal, Daniel LeBlanc, Monica Iron, Jaylynn Arcand and Kate Marchildon.

Total voter turnout was 3,251 undergraduate students, or 19.2 per cent of the 16,975 potential voters.

  • mr.west

    So what your saying is that this decision is not actually based on the WHOLE population of U of S students? but rather 19.2% of them? sounds like the ‘vote’ was a success….

    • ms.north

      Is any election decided by the WHOLE population?

    • dr.east

      It’s made based on the people who cared.

  • eng.south

    It’s impossible for the whole population to vote in any election, but, 19% is nothing. People were aware about the election, but there wasn’t anything more than that. It felt like it wasn’t that important. The election committee should have worked harder to draw more voters.

    • llnick

      Seemed to me they were working pretty diligently. I overheard a number of them talking to various students, tons of posters, announcements… What else could they have done? Is it not our responsibility to vote? The voting period could have been extended though.

  • Quesera

    The USSU election has come
    and gone but some happenings, acts and deeds from some people shows some
    signs of despiracy and win at all cost. I wonder why the USSU turned a blind eye and
    with no mention also from SHEAF. It amazes as some sitting in or elected
    MSCs, students leaders/advisors ‘endorsing’ and also writing on their
    Facebook walls who to vote for, throwing caution into the winds.
    Although, I still love some high level of maturity and fair play
    displayed by some candidates.

    • MC

      What is wrong with endorsements? Happens all the time.

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