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Little Bird Pâtisserie & Café earns its wings

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Little Bird offers a warm environment.
Little Bird offers a warm environment.

With its vintage warehouse appearance and cozy, eclectic vibe, it would be completely excusable to confuse Little Bird Patisserie & Café with the loft apartment of a European artist — that is, if the artist also happened to specialize in the baking of mouth-watering French pastries.

Nestled outside the hub of downtown, Little Bird is the newest tenant in the historic Adilman building on the corner of 20th Street and Avenue B. Offering a glorious selection of teas, french press coffee and sinfully delicious baked goods, it is difficult to believe that this adorable café is only just shy of a month old.

Though it specializes in the finer — and French-er — things in life such as macarons and éclairs, Little Bird also offers a smorgasbord of unique sandwiches, soups and salads. The lunch menu is virtually a culinary wheel of fortune, rotating its choices from week to week to ensure that there will never be a dull moment for any palate.

After careful consideration of the menu and suppression of the desire to float away on an endless buttery sea of croissants, I settled on a pot of chai tea, a blood orange tart and one of the café’s signature macarons.

The first nibble of tart was all it took for me to develop a hopeless food-crush on Little Bird Café. Never before has the phrase “made with love” been so relevant. Even the simple flaky biscuit of the macaron was enough to justify a second — or tenth — helping. Last but certainly not least was the chai tea, an intoxicating blend of spices with infinitely more exotic kick to it than any run-of-the-mill bagged tea.

With its delightfully European vibe and charming atmosphere, Little Bird Pâtisserie & Café is the prime destination for group and solo outings alike. Considering Feb. 14 looming ominously on the horizon, Little Bird is definitely a location to put on your to-do list — because let’s be honest, there are few things more precious than a coffee and biscotti date.

Whether you are searching for a jolt to satisfy your caffeine fix, a source of artistic inspiration or a pit-stop during a shopping trip along the treasure-trove that is 20th Street, Little Bird Patisserie & Café is well worth a visit. Midterms are lurking just around the corner, after all. What better excuse is there for drowning your sorrows in cake?

Visit the Little Bird Café Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at 258 Avenue B South.

Photo: Madison Taylor

  • angry foodie

    This is a really bad restaurant review.

    I will explain why.

    No restaurant reviewer worth their salt would base their review off of two items from the sweet world and a chai tea. The savory world in infinitely more important and deserves attention. The two worlds are very different, usually employing different chefs.

    You need to order the following in any restaurant review:

    1) Beverage (preferably a speciality)
    2) Savory appetizer (optional for lunch reviews)
    3) Savory main course
    4) Dessert
    5) Discussion of service
    6) If atmosphere accentuates or detracts, include in discussion.

    There are many ways to get to this. Ms. Taylor is not a dreadful writer, despite the excessive adjectives. She needs to do better at constructing restaurant reviews and including necessary components. She should also seek some basic food knowledge (macarons are made with meringue, not biscuits!)

    This basic knowledge is important. A person who reads a review wants to know what kind of approach the chef takes to food. I can extrapolate from the blood orange tart that the chef is not a dogmatic locovore. But that’s about it.

    A chai tea, delicious though it is, is actually a really bad way to determine how good the beverages are. Cardamom is generally the dominant flavor and it is very simple to make one delicious (my recipe is steamed whole milk, a standard cardamom chai teabag, a shot of espresso for kick, and sweetened with honey.).

    I am left not knowing how good the savory food is, whether the beverages are superb or merely good, or anything about the service after this review. This review is incomplete.

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