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Sugar daddies baby U of S students

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SugarDaddyTuition costs are only going to increase in the coming years at the University of Saskatchewan, so it’s no surprise that students are finding alternative ways to acquire cash without going into debt.

In some cases, U of S students — 78 in total according to an article from Global News — are turning to older members of the community to make their financial dreams a reality within the confines of a mutually beneficial relationship. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with being a sugar daddy or baby.

While it’s easy to find disgust in this form of relationship, I vote that as long as the relationship remains a mutually beneficial one, there’s no harm in taking part.

And don’t worry if you’re a self-proclaimed sugar momma or find yourself with a non-heteronormative sexual orientation, there are people out there for you too!

If you’re looking for a mutually beneficial relationship that will ease your lifestyle as a young adult, or add some zest to your quality of life as an older person, think about pursuing a relationship with a sugar daddy or baby. Websites are offering excellent options for finding exactly what you might be looking for. Pay close attention because you may just fit the mold of one of these archetypes.

One website describes a modern gentleman as someone who is “always respectful and generous,” going on further to say that these gentlemen may call themselves “a mentor, sponsor or benefactor.” Honesty with what you expect as a modern gentleman — and with what you can expect out of your future arrangements — are both key philosophies for the website as well.

Wasn’t it Virginia Woolf who said that a woman should have 500 pounds per year? Perhaps having a personal benefactor isn’t such a bad idea. Then again, Woolf also argued that a woman should have a room with a lock on her door. She wasn’t a sugar baby by any means, but she kind of alluded to this concept in her writing.

If you do think that having a personal benefactor might be a good idea, consider being a sugar baby. If you happen to be “attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal orientated,” then you’re already halfway there. But if you do want to encompass the title of sugar baby, you’ll have to also be a struggling student, actor, model or a girl or guy-next-door according to most websites.

Basically, you can’t be a sugar baby if you are ugly or make a hefty salary. Sorry to be blunt, but I’m just the messenger.

Furthermore, sugar babies should want to be with someone who will pamper, empower and help them on mental, emotional and financial levels according to those kinds of wesbsites. While it isn’t explicitly said that sugar babies are gold diggers, it is certainly  implied that sugar babies won’t deal with any broke individuals.

Reporters at the Sheaf conducted some investigative jounrnalism, making a profile online just to see who was out there. To be honest, there are a lot of hotties on this site. There are also a lot of people who are almost as attractive as a potato covered in dirt, but don’t let that deter you. Perhaps another website might offer a better selection.

The general consensus among sugar babies and daddies is that they are all looking for very specific relationships. Sugar daddies post how much their net worth is, explicitly stating what kind of lady they’re looking for; sugar babies on the other hand state their financial needs. I guess it’s win-win for those involved.

According to Global News, sugar babies on average receive about $3,000 per month. From a purely practical standpoint, if you decided to seek an arrangement for a year, you could easily make enough from your benefactor to pay for a four-year degree, depending on the college you’re in — not to mention the other perks that would accompany that money.

But we needn’t forget about the numerous downsides to such an arrangement as well.

Naturally I’m quite wary of this website and what it offers. While these sites explicitly state that escorts are not allowed to use their services, the exchange that is expected to take place seems iffy at best. I mean, getting your tuition paid along with free meals out, clothes, jewelry and trips all for entertaining an older, well-established man or woman just by being yourself is a far-fetched trade off. But it happens.

While it’s not for everyone, there is obviously a niche market for it. A lot of 20-somethings like to date older men and women, so why does it matter if there’s a bit of cash involved in the exchange? I just hope that both parties involved are consenting adults who have the best of intentions for each other.

The fact that tuition is so high that U of S students have already felt the need to seek an arrangement to aid them financially is a bit alarming. But it’s merely a practical solution to a problem that exists for all university students.

Some of us have registered education savings plans or scholarships which contribute greatly to our tuition, while others have to work two jobs throughout the year just to survive. Becoming a sugar baby is just another option to consider. You may very well have a problem with this type of solution depending on your morals or values, but don’t hate on those who do it.

According to Global News, “the U of S ranks 13th on the list of Canada’s fastest growing ‘sugar baby’ schools with more and more students cashing in.”

Not surprisingly, universities in bigger centres like Toronto, Guelph and Edmonton are closer to the top of the list for students who seek arrangements online.

That being said, there are plenty of sugar daddies in Saskatoon — 743 to be exact — so don’t think living in a bigger city is of any benefit to sugar babies. These sugar daddies earn an average of $250,000 a year according to one website.

The bottom line is that seeking a post-secondary education is expensive. If dating someone who just wants to have fun and spoil you means that you get some relief from your bills, go for it. While this wouldn’t be my first choice, I won’t judge you and neither should anyone else.

Graphic: Mike Tremblay

  • James L.

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in my life

    • buxy


  • Christina

    The girls in the picture really appear to be enjoying their “mutually beneficial relationship”. They look pleased as punch.

  • Brad Johnson

    Remind me how this isn’t prostitution again?

  • Janice

    “Reporters at the Sheaf conducted some investigative jounrnalism”

    • ojidfijhdvs


  • Rick James

    The article makes it sound like this is a new and emerging trend.

    The fact is, there are well over 20,000 students at the UofS, the article mentions 78 which amounts to less than .0039% of the student population being involved in this sort of relationship.

    Furthermore, the mere existence of the term sugar daddy/baby implies that this sort of relationship has always existed, it’s just that now there is a website for it.

    • TR

      0.39% but the point remains.

    • recycled article?

      This is my second year of uni and I remember talk about this last year. Perhaps this is an article that is reused every school year? It sounds like a plug for the websites as a viable option instead of working during the summer and student loans. Sad that students will prostitute themselves, it would be different if these students were in a real relationship where their partner helped them out financially, this sounds more like a business proposition.

  • theWest

    Travis, you should resign as the editor of the Sheaf. I shouldn’t have to pay for this garbage.

    That is exactly what you writing is. Garbage. If that weren’t enough, you also have managed to butcher other people’s writing with your ‘editing’.

    Step down. You are an embarrassment to our university.

    • a person

      I would love it if I wasn’t forced to pay for the Sheaf. I never get it in paper copy and I wouldn’t care if I read it online either. I just do sometimes because its on the main page of PAWS. I wouldn’t choose to buy it so it would be awesome if I wasn’t forced to.

    • theEast

      You guys pay like 7 bucks for The Sheaf, think about it as a initiative for some of those people to further a career in journalism, photography, work on their writing, etc. I haven’t stepped foot in the PAC, doesn’t mean I’m going to b***h about 30 bucks. Its just part of the university fees, so how is that any different? Just put into perspective what you’re really complaining about and man alive be critical, not negative.

    • theWest

      Are you even a student? Given that you refer to the student body as “…you guys” rather than “we students”, I have to assume you are not. As you don’t seem to have a horse in this race, perhaps you should leave this matter to those who do — tuition paying students like myself.

    • MC

      The west is the troll of trolls. Leave him be.

    • ojidfijhdvs

      Someone aggressively disagreeing with everything you stand for =/= trolling

    • TrollPolice

      Constantly attacking the author instead of discussing the topic = troll

    • No longer that anonymous.

      I wish the Sheaf accepted short stories and poetry, but in all my requests that they consider them they’ve never gotten back to me.

    • 1233

      Ya because that’s not what newspapers do.

    • James L.

      The sheaf is a newspaper?!

    • Publish McStudent

      Student run newspapers on other campus often have a page or two dedicated to poetry and short prose.
      And hopefully it’d give some decent material to be printed in The Sheaf.

      And what’s the “fake news page” anyhow? Normally a poor attempt at satire, at best.

    • Ha

      The fake news is awesome, shut your dirty whore mouth.

    • Oily Bob

      It’s a hyperbolic attempt at satirical humour, but so unsubtle that it reads like a Texan wrote it.

    • Sam

      Just because we live in Saskatoon doesn’t mean that we have to buy the StarPhoenix, so why do we have to buy the Sheaf just because we go to the U of S?

    • theWest’s_ragemsturbation

      Look i agree the article is terrible but you need to relax. It’s just a student paper. No one likes an angry virgin rage masturbating on the internet.

    • theWest

      From the looks of the voting on the comments in reply to this story, I would say that people like my “angry virgin rage masturbating on the internet” just fine.

    • Xxx

      Trolls often spend time multiple up voting. These votes mean nothing.

    • Heinrich Heine

      What’s the difference between a troll and a dissenting voice?
      How polite they are?

    • j dawg

      I signed in just to upvote this..we should be able to opt out!!

  • JS

    I wish we could opt out of paying for the Sheaf…it really adds zero to the campus community, the student body, our degree of awareness of pressing society issues. How about an article on climate change and its impact on our generation or income inequality, instead of Halloween costumes and sugar daddies

    • jenn

      Yo, this is a student-run paper. If you want to read “an article on climate change and its impact on our generation or income inequality”, you write it.

    • Littlemissmuffit

      The anti-sheaf crusaders are just pisses off whenever they read an opinion they disagree with.

    • theWest

      I don’t have a problem with dissenting opinions. I do have a problem with the way Travis uses the Sheaf to promote his fringe views. The novelty is wearing off. It’s beginning to wear a little bit thin.

      While Travis is busy criticizing the sumptuary choices of caucasian women, students are talking about the issues that matter to this world. You know, like climate change, the conflict in Syria, renewable energy, food security, etc.

      Our campus is full of intellectuals, and there are some great and tremendously important debates occurring here. However, you wouldn’t know that by reading the Sheaf. Travis has turned the Sheaf into a poor and lame imitation of BuzzFeed that appeals to a much, much narrower demographic. (Probably a demographic limited to Travis and Travis alone). It’s a sad state of affairs.

    • Further West

      Caucasian women? Who Sadi anything about this being racial?

    • theWest

      “Mukluks are still a popular clothing item sold in stores, but I can’t help but feel a terrible sense of misrepresentation as I see some non-First Nations woman walking around in Mukluks with her Lululemon pants on as she glides into work at a trendy coffee shop.

      Mukluks are just one example, but I wonder how many people wear clothing from another culture because they know and understand the significance of it, and how many wear it just because “it looks super cute.”

      Wearing these items of clothing actually oppresses the culture whose fashions are being sported around in town.”

      -Travis Homenuk


    • 1234

      I think Travis write about these topics because they are relevant to students. Most of the campus population knows little about the Syrian conflict nor do they care. This is a student paper not the BBC.
      And in fact, there was an article on Syria in the sheaf in September. It was a good read.

    • Me

      I’m a student and I like to think that sugar daddies/babies will never be relevant to my life.

    • Jesus Christ

      Are you kidding me? Here’s an article from three years ago, pulled straight from the Sheaf’s archives, when Travis wasn’t at the helm: The problem isn’t that people don’t care, it’s that they aren’t being given quality writing.

      And “nor do they care?” Unless you’re a sociopathic, self-interested Neanderthal, I would hope that people being shot in the streets piques your interest more than the volleyball team’s latest conquest.

    • 1234

      Most students. Especially outside of arts and science or law, don’t care about world issues. It’s sad but true.

      And like I said, there was a great piece on Syria I remember reading this year.

    • jenn

      I suspect the reason there are so many articles by Travis Homenuk is because the Sheaf has trouble attracting volunteer writers. If you don’t like what he’s writing, you write an article.

  • JJ

    Way to completely skip over the potential dangers and legal issues involved. You also appear to lose objectivity by actually appearing to encourage people to try this out, and it borders on advertising for these kinds of websites. This reads more like a vicarious fantasy of the author, as opposed to an objectively written piece of journalism…

  • Jill

    Haven’t you guys ever heard of a Student Loan? Sure it’s not the greatest to have to go into debt but hey if you’re strict about paying it off when you finally get a job after graduation it should be gone before long. Also there’s such a thing called Working During the Summer and Part Time Work, that Hard Working People opt for. And Roommates. or something.

    • kenz

      I definately agree with what your saying about working hard and doing all that. But some of us do work hard constantly and it burns us out.(Speaking from experience) If someone is going to pay me to go out and have a good time with them a couple times a week, why wouldn’t I? It surely beats working over 15-20 hours a week to just barely get by, even with student loans, roommates, and working two jobs over summer “vacation”. I agree with what you are saying that it is just taking the easy way out, but if it is more income for a short amount of time spent and you are allotted more time for school and what is truly important, than by all means do what works best for your future.

    • disgusted

      Gross. You want to prostitute yourself, feel free it’s your body. But I highly recommend that you ask your ‘John’ to have him or herself tested for HIV, etc before you get on your knees for them. And have yourself tested regularly during your time in their service.

    • Dovah Se Tiid

      So why bother studying at all? Being a prostitute is very beneficial, both for future and for present….

  • YouToo

    These women are lazy self center es optimists who probably don’t understand the concept of work. I hope they get the clap.

    • Saskatario

      I would gladly let a granny lick me for cash. Sadly I am one of those potatoes covered in dirt types. Yech. What’s a poor student to do? Oh wait. There’s the oil patch. Problem solved.

  • DF

    Thank you, Travis, for reinforcing my idea that the only thing the Sheaf is good for is housebreaking puppies.

  • Alexius

    In recent months The Sheaf has been on a downwards spiral.

    Their monthly spending has gone up but feedback from their reader demographic has only been negative. The fact that monthly spending has gone up is obvious by the fact that The Sheaf has been producing papers at an increasing rate (2-3 issues per week) and in greater quantities as can be seen by the large bundles in the Arts tunnel and Place Riel. Student PAWS homepages have also been updated in recent months to include The Sheaf articles in the feed box. With all of this activity you would expect that it would be someones job to monitor what material makes it to the front page of their newspaper, but apparently not.

    Case in point: Travis Homenuk’s “Sugar daddies baby U of S students”.

    Travis, I’m calling you out. You are one of the biggest causes of The Sheaf’s downwards spiral. You alone are the cause of the University wide negativity towards The Sheaf in recent weeks. This most recent article of yours is just the icing on top of a recent trend of very offensive and controversial topics written in a very profound way. Will next week be the cherry on top that will bring down The Sheaf for good? Or will it be one of your opinions that is worth sharing for once?

    In either case, this is a plea from one student to another, please have someone other than yourself edit your work before you send it off to the printer. And for all you potential editors, here is a suggestion: think to yourselves “Will this or will this not piss off the majority of our readers?” before even considering letting Travis have his day with the Opinions column.

    P.S. Surely there could have been a better story to go on the front page on your newspaper – “Student fees for 2014–15 follow trend of increases” perhaps?

    A hopeful reader, Alex.

    • Tired of Travis

      His “The Pornography Problem” article was pathetic. The contents of the article had nothing to do with the title, and he spent most of the time bashing the church. Now we get this: the suggestion that we should go out and sell our bodies as a way to pay for tuition. The whole point of going to University is that we’re above that, we can build our own lives and not be brought down on our knees for someone else’s pleasure.

      Get a new job, Travis.

    • Littlemissmuffit

      It’s still only weekly. You must be high.

    • D

      Individual articles are scattered throughout the week on the website. His argument is there is a greater number of articles posted every 2-3 days through the week. I believe what he was getting at was we have been getting groups of articles on out PAWS feed a few days a week, not physical newspapers (which are still once a week). So you are wrong.

    • URWrong

      No, Poster said “producing papers”

  • lulu

    well now i know how I’m going to pay for school next year, thanks for giving me this option.
    On a side note its its really awful article in general, not even topic wise.

  • reader

    This article is utterly stupid and pathetic. Not impressed.

  • ASW

    How is this not prostitution?(which IMHO should be legal to protect women) but if you are selling your body I sincerely hope it is for a marketable degree. And please check the going street rate for favors…

    • guest

      Prostitution IS legal. Being a ‘John’ is illegal. Sting operations are to catch the clients, not the workers.

    • ASW

      How is it legal if the clients are arrested? You just push it underground so I disagree with you completely – current laws don’t protect prostitutes given they NEED the ILLEGAL johns.

  • TR

    As a student at this University, I am embarrassed by the content of this article.

  • Concerned student

    What is the procedure for making complaints to the Sheaf? I think that it needs to be done.

  • Jesus Christ

    I was really resisting the temptation to throw my hat into the ring on this one, but hey, YOLO. It would seem that no matter which CUP paper we’re referring to, Opinions are always taken to be just that: opinions. Well, they’re not. Good Opinions pieces need to be backed by research, and in the case of this article, that would appear to have been a once-over of some Global News source and creating a profile on this (unnamed) dating website. Sorry d00dz, but if your writing chops aren’t up to snuff, you shouldn’t be writing about such controversial topics. You are, to put it simply, biting off WAY more than you can chew.

    This article reads as if it were written over the course of an afternoon, in between classes, with headphones on. There is a complete lack of substance and such a total misuse of the English language (“…non-heteronormative”?). Blog posts are edited more judiciously than this. In the future, please, for the love of all that is holy, quit writing about such controversial topics if you aren’t going to at least do us the service of acknowledging you complete ineptitude.

    • Non-homonormative

      Non-heteronormative is a pretty understandable concept, and legitimate English.

      That said, you’re right this is a train wreck of an article that doesn’t do anything for what could’ve been an interesting discussion.

  • C.

    I think (hope) this was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, sadly it just isn’t polished enough for that to be obvious.

    I think what an article about this “phenomenon” needs to focus on, besides the dangers of doing it, is the fact that students feel they need to go to these extremes to pay for tuition/pay off loans. It’s the larger issue of what education costs us that needs to be addressed and what some people clearly feel they need to do for the money, this article just reads as a promotional piece for the website itself.

  • ..

    There’re a few older male “students” here at the U of S with accounts on these sites who take classes just to pick up young females–it’s pretty obvious who they are. Although those sites require a high income the men who use it simply lie as no income verification is actually done. Good luck finding a guy willing to pay out $3,000 a month with a wife/girlfriend who is financially oblivious.

    • Guest

      How is it that you’d know all this?

  • Aren

    “Wasn’t it Virginia Woolf who said that a woman should have 500 pounds per year? Perhaps having a personal benefactor isn’t such a bad idea. Then again, Woolf also argued that a woman should have a room with a lock on her door. She wasn’t a sugar baby by any means, but she kind of alluded to this concept in her writing.”

    Really? Like, really? I don’t want to join a chorus of haters, because I love the Sheaf, but what the hell are you talking about?

  • Guest

    And when you’re done, you can run for office like Wendy Davis if you play your cards right.

  • AbbieF

    Travis, you are an excellent writer and I love the viewpoint you’ve chosen to write this from. Anyone bashing it has a terrible sense of humor. Keep it up; I love reading your work!!

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