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Twerking away from Disney

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I think it’s safe to say the days of Hannah Montana are long gone for Miley Cyrus. She’s left behind the Disney Channel, the blonde wig and most of her clothes. We all inevitably transition and change as we age, so maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus has certainly changed her appearance from her younger days.
Miley Cyrus has certainly changed her
appearance from her younger days.

Cyrus’ behavior has attracted a large amount of attention. Between twerking on Robin Thicke at the Video Music Awards and flying naked on a wrecking ball, the young starlet has been deemed rebellious — her decisions being considered scandalous and somewhat inappropriate.

I’m not a huge fan of Cyrus, but I do respect her for the choices she has made.

Fans that grew up with her and feel put out because of her new image are not actually entitled to anything.

I hate to break it to you, but you don’t actually know Miley Cyrus. She doesn’t owe you anything and she is allowed to change and do whatever she wants. If she wants to cut her hair and you don’t like it, well that really has nothing to do with you.

Cyrus has grown up in a world that is vastly different from that of the average person. Her dad being famous would have no doubt impacted her, making her childhood different than most people — if she even had one at all.

For most of her life Cyrus has been under the public eye which has scrutinized and judged her every move, be that personal or professional. I can only imagine how difficult that would be to deal with.

Being confined to the Hannah Montana image for most of her career could also cause Cyrus to want to leave that behind and present herself in a very different way. But here’s the thing: just because Hannah was where she gained her popularity and fame doesn’t mean that that’s the person she is. She was playing a role, and that character is in no way the person she is.

To say that she’s changed and she’s different now is true as far as the public eye is concerned. But this also isn’t really a fair statement. Maybe this is who she has been all along and she was just repressing that part of herself during her Disney days.

In MTV’s mini-documentary Miley: The Movement, Cyrus says that this part of her life “is not a transition; it’s a growth and a movement.”

I don’t know a single person who hasn’t changed at some point in their life.

Everyone changes, everyone tries something new and there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with you. Being a young adult, she is just doing what the rest of us are all trying to do: figure out who we are and how we want that to shape and embody our lives.

Granted Cyrus is doing so in a very different way than most of us — and yes, some of her behavior can be considered inappropriate or vulgar. It’s different, but that doesn’t always have to mean that it’s bad.

Cyrus embodies the idea of doing what is right for you, being who you feel you are meant to be, trying different and crazy things and giving absolutely no fucks about the repercussions of your actions.

And you know what? That is appealing to a large number of our generation. Whether or not this is a good thing is another debate. But it is entirely applicable to North American culture. Her music and performances make life seem like a big, fun and crazy party.

Expressing yourself however you choose to do so is not only something that takes guts, but it is also something that can be respected and, for her fans, something that can be admired.

She has taken several risks, put herself out there in a completely new way and separated herself from other artists by creating her own distinct image.

She’s an entertainer. Were you on some level entertained by her performance at the VMA’s? Probably, even if it wasn’t positive entertainment. She is just doing her job and experimenting as an artist and a person.

My point is that everyone goes through different phases or transitions in their lives where they do different things. Maybe Cyrus will look back on these years with regret or maybe she will look back and only have good things to say.

Her choices are her own and at the end of the day if she’s happy with what she’s done, then who are we to judge her for her actions?

Shedding the innocent Disney image might not have to include also shedding the majority of her clothes, and it could probably be done with less tongue flicking.

But regardless, it’s a learning process and she is still a human being who can and will make mistakes — just like the rest of us.

Naomi Zurevinski

Photo: png’s etc… / Flickr

  • Really?

    Who cares?

    • slh665

      totally agree. having said that I read the whole article… that may have had to do with avoiding homework though….

    • Shaking Head

      Agreed. Pop culture is such sad waste of time. Perhaps the writer should spend more time practicing their writing skills instead of worrying about who is “hating” on Miley so that her next article doesn’t have to sound like it was written by a 6th Grader

  • Jasmine Hanson

    The point isn’t that she’s changed. It’s that the image she is putting out the the young girls who used to love her as Hannah Montana is that it’s okay to objectify yourself. What she is doing is a dangerous example to society and she acts as if it will only affect herself. This is wrong.

    • lulu

      i really hope your being sarcastic lol cause nothing she is doing is a danger to society, we do worse on a daily basis.

  • Batman

    If the point of this article is to say that fans shouldn’t be presumptuous, I guess this author is not a fan. It’s hard to know if Cyrus is “happy with what she’s done”. You have to realize that yes, she is in a transition phase on her life which is important for personal growth and self-expression. However, she is definitely being exploited in the process, both by herself and others. “Her choices are her own” to make is not necessarily true. Do you really think that her label and agent would endorse her recent actions if she decided to do them on her own? The fact is that she is being marketed, her transitional phase of life is being broadcast to the world. Yes, it’s working, and I guarantee that her fans (as well as herself) will crave a new sense of stability in her music and in her life eventually. And yes, this will be broadcast as well. You have to give her credit as well as the puppeteers pulling the strings behind the scenes, marketing her like this is brilliant, but also frustrating and pathetic.

    • angry foodie

      You assume, without justification, that she is merely having her strings pulled.

      Has it occurred to you that she made this decision on her own? Because who is kidding who, she knows how much money she has. She had the choice to say no and live off the interest at 18, crafting in her mansion or doing whatever the hell else she wanted to, making artisan cheese or whatever.

      Your assumption that she is a mere tool of the nefarious marketers who make much less money than she does actually infantilizes her. This isn’t some rube who doesn’t know the game. She was raised in show biz and knows the game really well.

      She chose fame and show biz. This is what she wants. Until I see proof to the contrary, I will assume it was calculated with her full knowledge, consent, and input.

    • LOL

      holy shit this is so pathetic

  • lulu

    point is she played a character on a TV show and people assumed that, that character was her in real life, and when the show ended they didn’t understand what a character was and decided for her that Hanna Montanan was who she was supposed to be. I think watching her is a great example of how we assume that we can control people in the media, but in reality we cant.

  • s.r

    Miley Cyrus is a human being who can do whatever the hell she wants. However, the only specific comment I can say about her is:don’t get deceived by this notion of “freedom.” Are we justifying the objectification of women as something women want? Do women really want to be valued for their bodies? That last question is something that ONLY women can answer.; what do women want from society? We control the “freedom” that this western society grants us. If we want respect as women and aren’t getting it, then I say it’s OUR failure. We’re opting out or loosing a fight that we’re perfectly equipped to fight. What you do with your freedom says a lot about you.

    You can’t be blind and have a mind of a naive third grader by calling a girl flying naked in a music video as expressing her freedom of expression. I’m not sounding morose, I’m being realistic; yeah life can be fun and a crazy party, but obviously that’s not a very mature definition at all; we live in a world full of perverts and pedophiles, who will only oogle at Miley Cyrus’ naked body and you know it. And it will probably make them want to see other women like that too. Now go ahead and say “but the women WANT to be naked!” And for that, I will refer you to my last sentence in the above paragraph.

    Anyways, I feel like I’m wasting my life every time I read/observe anything that has to do with celebrities’ lives; really, who the hell cares? Life is too short to be eaten by the garbage the media distracts us with everyday; we’re only attending one party, and that’s our own. That’s OUR life.

    • LOL


  • dont judge me

    “Cyrus embodies the idea of doing what is right for you, being who you feel you are meant to be, trying different and crazy things and giving absolutely no fucks about the repercussions of your actions.”
    “who are we to judge her for her actions?”

    Thanks for validating my urge to run around campus tweaking on meth, rubbing myself up against random objects while wearing nothing but a G-string (I’m a guy, btw). It’s who I’m meant to be, I think.

  • Guest

    Miley Cyrus is indeed a human being. Which is precisely why we expect better from her as a woman.

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