Glee Club brings some flair to the stage

Some of the Neman Sounds Glee Club members getting goofy with their performance.

Some of the Neman Sounds Glee Club members getting goofy with their performance.

The University of Saskatchewan can be a loud place at times, but if you travel near Saint Thomas More you may hear the cheerful singing of the Newman Sounds Glee Club.

The Glee Club provides an opportunity for those interested in singing to take steps to further their talents in an extracurricular forum. They perform in front groups and play a variety of different songs from all facets of the music world, including theatre and current popular music.

These individuals are passionate about the craft they are pursuing and how to better themselves while putting on good shows, which are usually a medley of songs that are fitted to a specific theme. The performances are choral-like, but offer more visual entertainment as there are often choreographed dance numbers and movements to fit the lyrics.

A glee performance is similar to going to a play, but one cuts out the filler and focuses on the live music — so expect beautiful harmonies and strong group vocals as well as individual showmanship. You can feel how passionate these people are about their performances.

“My favorite thing about Newman Sounds is the people and how much fun we have together. We work and just play hard,” said member Chantelle Weyland.

It’s clear that everyone in the club is having a good time.

“Newman Sounds has really helped me open up about my singing and become more confident in myself because everyone there is very welcoming and amazing to be around,” said fellow member Tarah Gaboury.

Newman Sounds Glee Club offers that moment in the spotlight for those who aren’t normally accustomed to it, showcasing exciting new talent in a way that is enjoyable and easy going for both attendees and members.

There is a long and storied history of the Glee Club. Part of the U of S since 1950, it was once known as the Newman Singers and was directed by a Basilian priest at the college.

In the 60’s, the group grew in popularity and began recording albums together. This process continued throughout the 70’s and 80’s when the group made another record and also started putting on live productions of Jesus Christ Superstar and Cabaret. The club also took to doing concerts, performing well known songs from The Beatles as well as gospel music.

For their upcoming show the club is taking on broadway classic The Best of Broadway on Nov. 29 and 30, a follow up to their other themed shows in Welcome to the 60’s as well as Love and Heartache.

Member Naomi Zurevinski can enjoy the Glee Club’s shows.

“Newman Sounds is for everyone,” Zurevinski said. “We have a wide mix of people with various talents and abilities. It is a Glee Club and we love to be cheesy and enjoy ourselves through music.”

The Best of Broadway will be at STM Father O’Donnell Theatre on Nov. 29 and 30 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at, at the door and at the STM office.

Photo: Supplied by Mark Tiu